Regarding Delivery

As soon as payment is confirmed, the ordered products will be shipped and delivered by international registered mail from the post office.

The number of days for delivery is about 7 to 14 days .

It may take longer than expected due to the flight status of the destination country, customs office closures on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, and other unforeseen international circumstances.

For important medicines that need to be taken regularly, we recommend that you place your order with plenty of time for delivery. Please purchase as soon as possible.

About shipping fee and consumption tax

We charge a flat shipping fee of $9.99 USD nationwide for products ordered from the

Customers who purchase over $100 USD will receive free shipping.

You can order overseas pharmaceuticals at a low price without consumption tax . strives to reduce the burden on customers when purchasing as much as possible.

About Packing

The item name of the package is described as “health care product”.

The name of the product or medicine you ordered will not be printed on the outer box , so you can receive the package without the delivery staff or family members knowing about the contents.

*Delivery slips are written in either English, depending on the delivery company.

The packing box may be deformed, dented, or damaged during delivery. Please be assured that it is rare that impacts that affect the quality and use of the product are applied.

When you receive your parcel, please be sure to check that the contents (the ordered product inside) are not damaged.

After checking the contents, if you find any defects in the product (different product, different number of items ordered, damage to the extent that it cannot be used, etc.), we apologize for the inconvenience, but please let us know through the inquiry form .

* In some cases, it may be necessary to collect the contents and provide photos of the situation when communicating with the delivery company. Please refrain from using or disposing of the actual item under investigation.

About the package tracking service

When the delivery work in the country of origin (local) is completed, we will notify the customer of the “delivery number” issued to the parcel by e-mail.

The “delivery number” is a number required when using the “parcel tracking service” of the post office or delivery company. Please do not delete the item until you receive the item.

Unlike in USA, it may take several hours to two days for the shipping number to be issued and reflected.

After contacting us to issue a “delivery number”, we will not make any inquiries to the post office or delivery company on our behalf. Regarding the delivery status of your package, please contact the post office and delivery company yourself.

If you do not receive the ordered product within one month after payment, please contact us using the inquiry form . We will investigate the situation and reply as soon as possible.

Customs clearance procedures (tariffs)

Customs clearance refers to a series of procedures from the importer making an import declaration to the customs office, going through the prescribed screening and inspection (and paying tariffs, consumption tax, etc., if necessary) and obtaining an import permit. Import procedures are also required.

Customs Home Page  [Customs Duty Information ]

If customs duties are levied, an “International Postal Taxation Notice” will be sent with the parcel, and you will be able to receive the parcel after paying the customs duty.

(If the total tax amount is $100 USD or more, the standard is around $10 USD.)

If your package exceeds the stipulated quantity limit for personal import, or if it is determined that it exceeds the category of personal import, it will be subject to customs seizure. Please be careful not to exceed the quantity when ordering.

Please be assured that this site does not deal in any drugs that are prohibited from being imported, counterfeit goods, etc. that are subject to seizure.