1. Returns

As the product is shipped from overseas, in principle, it cannot be returned.
However, we will replace the product with the same product or a substitute product only in the case of damage during delivery, product defect, product mistake, or other cases recognized by our company.

Cases that can be returned

  • If the ordered product is damaged upon arrival
  • When a product different from the ordered product arrives
  • If the product is defective

Non-returnable cases

  • If the product has already been used
  • If the package or packaging box is deformed or damaged to the extent that it does not interfere with the product itself
  • If the package is opened due to inspection by customs
  • If the product packaging has been changed

2. Refund

If the ordered product is normally shipped and the product is returned due to without any reason, we will not respond to the refund. As a general rule, we do not offer any refunds.

However, this does not apply if it is difficult to deliver the product due to missing items, etc.

In the event that a member deposits or makes a credit card payment that is excessive or surplus with respect to the amount specified by the Company (including the member’s negligence), for reasons such as payment for orders that the Company determines cannot be shipped , the corresponding amount shall be awarded as points, and refunds in cash shall not be accepted.

3. Resending

If the ordered product has been successfully shipped and the product is returned due to any of the following reasons, the Company will not resend or refund the product.

  • If you were unable to receive the item due to your absence at the time of delivery and the item was returned after the detention period has passed.
  • If you cannot receive it because it has not been confirmed that it has been delivered to the post office, and it is returned after the detention period has passed.
  • If the personal information registered at the time of ordering is incomplete and returned
  • When the contact (telephone, e-mail, etc.) sent from the Company to the member does not reach the member and is returned
  • If it is returned for reasons other than defects by our company or the shipping company