Terms And Conditions

RegularPills.com (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) service is a Medicine business for import procedures such as overseas pharmaceuticals and supplements.

In compliance with laws and regulations, we are responsible for the import agency business of pharmaceuticals, etc. for Business such as payment agency and shipping procedures according to orders from customers, but we are responsible for the use of products ordered by customers. can’t afford

Therefore, please be sure to read and agree to these terms before using our services.

Article 1 (Members)

1. Definition of Membership

“Member” means an individual whose personal information has been registered in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Company and whose application has been accepted by the Company.
The procedure will be done at the time of the first purchase. Please be sure to complete the procedure in the name of the purchaser.
No proxy or pseudonymous procedures are permitted.

2. Scope of member information

“Member information” refers to information related to personal attributes disclosed by the member to the Company and information such as the member’s transaction history.

3. Application of Terms of Use

This agreement applies to the individual at the time of member registration and after the registration is completed.
Please note that these Terms are subject to change without notice. Please note.

Article 2 (Registration)

1. Membership Qualifications

Based on Article 1, Paragraph 1, registered individuals are eligible as members.
We may refuse applications from those who have had their membership revoked in the past, or from those who the Company deems unsuitable for membership.

2. Enter personal information

When completing the membership procedure, please carefully check the precautions when entering information and enter the necessary information in the prescribed form accurately without any mistakes.

Special symbols, old Chinese characters, Roman numerals, etc. cannot be used when registering personal information as a member name.
If you have registered with these characters, we will change the registration.

3. Password management

Passwords can only be used by registered members and cannot be lent or transferred to third parties.
Members are responsible for managing their passwords so that they are not known to third parties.
If a member password is used to use the Company’s services, it shall be deemed that the member’s use was voluntary.
All orders, payments, etc. that occur at that time will be the responsibility of the member himself/herself.

4. Email management

Members should make settings so that they can receive emails from us.
The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages caused by non-delivery of e-mails sent to the member information e-mail address.
Please note that this also applies if there is no change procedure after changing the e-mail address.

Article 3 (Change)

If there is any change in the personal information registered with the Company, the Member shall promptly change the registered information from My Account or contact the Customer Support Desk of the Company.

We are not responsible for any damages caused by not changing registration.

Also, even if you change your registration, please note that transactions that have already completed proxy procedures before the change will be processed based on the information before the registration change.

Article 4 (Loss of Membership and Obligation to Compensate)

1. Loss of Membership
If a member falls under any of the following items, the Company may revoke the membership at its discretion.
  • If it is discovered that a false declaration was made at the time of membership acquisition
  • Failure to pay the order price
  • If there are other reasons that the Company deems unsuitable as a member.
2. Compensation Obligation of Members
If a member commits any of the following acts, the member shall be responsible for compensating for damages suffered by the Company.
  • Unauthorized use of membership numbers and passwords
  • Interfering with our business by accessing this site and falsifying information, sending harmful computer programs to this site, etc.
  • Acts that infringe on the intellectual property rights of the products handled by the Company
  • Other acts that violate these Terms

Article 5 (Handling of member information)

Member information will be managed in accordance with the privacy policy established by the Company.

The Company shall be able to use member information for the purpose of ensuring sound and smooth operation of member services.

If a member does not wish to receive service information, the member may notify the Customer Support Desk to that effect and request suspension of information provision.
We will receive the notification and respond promptly according to the prescribed method.

However, regarding the provision of important information that needs to be notified to members in the operation of the Company, the provision of information cannot be stopped at the member’s will.

If you wish to stop receiving our e-mail magazine, please contact us using the inquiry form.

Article 6 (Prohibited Acts)

Members are prohibited from engaging in the following acts when using our services.

  • Unauthorized access to this site, falsification and deletion of information
  • Criminal acts using this site and acts related to some of them
  • use the site for commercial purposes;
  • Impersonating a third party other than the principal, registering as a member, and using this site
  • Place a significant load on our server or network
  • Malicious acts such as slander, defamation, privacy violation, etc. against this site or a third party
  • Infringing the trademark rights, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights of this site or a third party, and using it without the consent of the right holder.
  • Acts of intentionally using false personal information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) of yourself or others to use the services of this site.
  • Other acts that interfere with the operation of our services

Article 7 (Disclaimer)

We strive to maintain accuracy as much as possible regarding the items posted on this site.

However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or up-to-dateness of the product.

In accordance with the principle of self-responsibility due to personal/business imports, the Company shall not be held responsible for any side effects caused by products that are personally/business imported through our service.

In the event that a member causes damage to another member or a third party by using our services, the member shall resolve the matter at his/her own responsibility and expense, and shall not cause any trouble to the Company. be a thing warrants that the Site, information, content, materials, products, services contained or provided on the Site, servers, and e-mails sent by the Company are free of viruses or other harmful elements.

The Company’s service cannot be provided due to reasons such as interruption, delay, cancellation, or loss of data in the communication environment due to system failure of this site, malfunction due to the member’s computer environment, or other reasons such as unauthorized access, etc. In this case, the Company shall not be liable for any damage, loss, disadvantage, etc. directly or indirectly suffered by the member.

Even if our service is temporarily suspended, interrupted or changed for the following items, we will not be responsible for any damage, loss, disadvantage, etc. directly or indirectly suffered by the member.

  • In the event of a natural disaster such as a fire, earthquake, flood, or lightning strike
  • In the event of social unrest such as war, terrorism, civil strife, or riot If the member cannot receive the service
  • If there is a reason that the company cannot respond technically
  • If the e-mail sent by the company to the member does not reach the member, or if the member suffers a disadvantage if you suffer.

Article 8 (Point Service System)

1. What is the point service system?

Pursuant to the terms and conditions stipulated in this agreement, shopping points (hereinafter referred to as “points”) that can be used as all or part of the purchase price of products ordered by the member, when the member uses the Company’s services, or when the Company otherwise It is a system that grants to members when it is recognized as appropriate.

2. Granting points

The Company will grant points to the member when the member uses the point service in the manner specified by the Company.
The Company will determine the actions subject to point granting, the number of points to be granted, the conditions for granting points, and the conditions for using points, and will notify members in an appropriate manner.
Points will be awarded at the time determined by the Company. If the purchase of products, etc. is changed or canceled, the points awarded will also be changed or cancelled.

3.Total points

Members may not have multiple accounts on the Site.
Even if one person registers for multiple memberships by mistake, or rejoins after withdrawing from the membership, the points given to each member cannot be added up.
Members may not transfer, gift, rent, sell, change the name of, or provide collateral their points to a third party.

4. Point management

We will notify the number of points earned by the member, the number of points used, and the point balance by the method prescribed by the Company.

5. Use of points

You can use it as payment for part or all of the product billing price from this site.
If the product for which the member used the points is “cancelled” for some reason, the price will be refunded with the points, and no cash will be refunded.

6.Cancellation of Points

After the points have been granted by the Company, the Company may cancel the granted points if the products to be granted are “cancelled” or “refunded”.
If the point balance becomes negative as a result, the Member must immediately pay the balance in cash to the Company in accordance with the Company’s request.

In addition, if the Company determines that any of the following items apply after the points have been granted, the Company may cancel all or part of the granted points without prior notice to the member.

In the event of violation of these Terms or other terms, rules, etc. established by the Company
In case of illegal or fraudulent act in acquiring or using points
Other cases where the Company deems it appropriate to cancel points.
The Company does not take any compensation or responsibility for points that have been canceled or expired for these reasons.

7.Point redemption

Points granted by the Company to members can only be used within the Company’s services and cannot be exchanged for cash under any circumstances.

8. Change/Abolition of Point Service System

The Company may arbitrarily change or abolish the point service system without prior notice of consent.
Even if the point service system is abolished, the points will not be exchanged for cash or compensation for damages will be made.

Article 11 (Returns/Refunds)

1. Returns

As the product is shipped from overseas, in principle, it cannot be returned.

However, we will replace the product with the same product or a substitute product only in the case of damage during delivery, product defect, product mistake, or other cases recognized by our company.

2. Refund

  1. If the ordered product is normally shipped and the product is returned due to the reason of Article 12, we will not respond to the refund.
  2. As a general rule, we do not offer any refunds.
    However, this does not apply if it is difficult to deliver the product due to missing items, etc.

In addition, in the case of convenience store payment, refunds are not possible, so refunds cannot be made under any circumstances.
In the event that a member deposits or makes a credit card payment that is excessive or surplus with respect to the amount specified by the Company (including the member’s negligence), for reasons such as payment for orders that the Company determines cannot be shipped , the corresponding amount shall be awarded as points, and refunds in cash shall not be accepted.

Article 12 (Resending)

If the ordered product has been successfully shipped and the product is returned due to any of the following reasons, the Company will not resend or refund the product.

  1. If you were unable to receive the item due to your absence at the time of delivery and the item was returned after the detention period has passed.
  2. If you cannot receive it because it has not been confirmed that it has been delivered to the post office, and it is returned after the detention period has passed.
  3. If the personal information registered at the time of ordering is incomplete and returned
  4. When the contact (telephone, e-mail, etc.) sent from the Company to the member does not reach the member and is returned
  5. If it is returned for reasons other than defects by our company or the shipping company.

Article 13 (Revision of these Terms)

The Company reserves the right to change these Terms without notifying members.
The revised Terms shall take effect when posted on this site. In this case, the member shall comply with the revised terms.

Article 14 (Governing Law)

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of USA, and in the event of any dispute regarding this Agreement, the district court having jurisdiction over the location of our head office shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court of first instance.