Allegra 180mg Tablet


Allegra 180mg is an anti-allergic drug developed by the French company Sanofi.

Histamine is said to cause itching and pain, and when overactivated, it binds to histamine H1 receptors and causes allergic symptoms.

Allegra 180mg works by suppressing the action of allergic reactions and histamine, and is used to relieve the symptoms of various allergic diseases, including allergic rhinitis and hay fever.

Alleviation of symptoms such as allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis
Active ingredient Fexofenadine
Estimated delivery days 7~14 days
Target gender unisex
Pharmaceutical company Sanofi

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About Allegra 180mg

Allegra 180mg is a drug used to treat allergic rhinitis, dermatitis, and urticaria caused by hay fever. Allegra 180mg relieves sneezing, runny nose, and itching caused by allergies. It is said to have less drowsiness and more immediate effect than conventional medicines. No problems while working or driving.

Since it is an antihistamine, it does not make you sleepy, and taking it early is effective in preventing hay fever.
  • It is a hay fever medicine that does not make you sleepy even if you take it.
  • It is also effective in preventing the onset of rhinitis.
  • Effective against seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis

Allegra 180mg is a drug manufactured and marketed by Sanofi Aventis. Allegra 180mg is a type of antihistamine with fexofenadine as the main ingredient, and its greatest feature is that it does not make you drowsy, so you can use it safely while driving or during the day. As it does not make you sleepy, the effect is mild, so you can take it before the symptoms of hay fever worsen and use it to prevent rhinitis.

It is effective for both seasonal rhinitis such as hay fever and perennial rhinitis caused by house dust. In addition, there are OD tablets, generics, and over-the-counter drugs that are familiar with TV commercials, and are now widely used.

In addition, Allegra 180mg is said to be highly effective in reducing symptoms of itching in the treatment of urticaria and in skin diseases such as eczema, pruritus, and atopic dermatitis.

Features of Allegra 180mg

Hay fever medicine has the impression that it makes you sleepy after taking it, but Allegra 180mg is an antihistamine and is known to cause less drowsiness among hay fever medicines. Allegra 180mg, which is less drowsy, is also effective as a prophylaxis to delay the onset of allergic rhinitis.

Allegra 180mg is especially effective against sneezing and runny nose, and is also used to relieve perennial rhinitis caused by hay fever and house dust, and to treat hives. It is said to be highly effective in reducing itching symptoms, so it is used for skin diseases such as urticaria.

An antihistamine that causes less drowsiness after taking it

Among hay fever medicines, the stronger the effect of suppressing rhinitis, the stronger the drowsiness side effect.

Allegra 180mg does not have a strong effect on suppressing sinusitis, so it reduces sleepiness. Conversely, Allegra 180mg does not have a strong effect on suppressing rhinitis. However, if you take a strong medicine from the beginning, your body may get used to it.

Allegra 180mg, which does not cause drowsiness, is very convenient, especially if you often drive a car. Even if you are worried about daytime sleepiness, you can take it without worry.

Drinking before the pollen flies prevents the onset of hay fever

A good way to take advantage of its weak efficacy against rhinitis is to start taking Allegra 180mg before symptoms become severe. By doing so, you can prevent the onset of hay fever itself and get through the pollen season. The best time to take it as a preventive measure is two weeks before the peak.

As a countermeasure against cedar pollen, which scatters in large amounts from February to April, start taking Allegra 180mg from mid- to late-January. From May onwards, the cedar pollen will gradually settle down, but you should not stop taking the medicine midway through, and you will need to take measures until early June.

As a countermeasure against cypress pollen, which scatters in large amounts from March to May, start taking Allegra 180mg in late February. In addition, it is recommended to prepare with Allegra 180mg from around mid-April as a countermeasure against the pollen of gramineous plants, which is also called “summer hay fever” due to the large amount of pollen scattered in May and June.

Early to mid-August is the best time to start taking this medicine against pollen from ragweed and cannamugra, which scatters from the end of summer to autumn and is also called “autumn hay fever.”

Effects of Allegra 180mg


  • allergic rhinitis
  • hives
  • Skin diseases (eczema, pruritus, atopic dermatitis)

Allegra 180mg relieves allergic rhinitis such as runny nose, stuffy nose and sneezing caused by pollen of plants such as cedar, cypress and rice. When taking countermeasures, it is effective to take it before the onset of hay fever, and by taking Allegra 180mg a little before the peak of pollen scattering, you can prevent the worsening of rhinitis symptoms.

Allegra 180mg is also effective as a therapeutic drug for relieving itching caused by hives, eczema such as atopy, dermatitis, and skin diseases such as pruritus, and improving the symptoms.

How to take Allegra 180mg

1 Dose
30mg tablet: 2 tablets
120mg tablet: 1/2 tablet
180mg tablet: 1/3 tablet
(60mg as fexofenadine)
Number of doses per day
2 times (morning and evening)

Take 60mg of allegra 180mg as a single dose. Please note that when using 120mg tablets and 180mg tablets, it is necessary to divide the tablets and take them separately.

Also, if you take it after meals, the effect of Allegra 180mg is slightly weakened. Therefore, it is best to take Allegra 180mg before meals.

The effect begins 30 minutes after taking the drug and lasts for about 10 hours.

Allegra 180mg is a relatively fast-acting drug that takes effect about 30 minutes after taking it and reaches its peak effect within 2 hours. The effect gradually wears off after 10 hours of taking the medicine.

About the Active Ingredients of Allegra 180mg

Fexofenadine blocks the binding of histamine to histamine receptors.

The binding of histamine to histamine H1 receptor is the cause of allergic rhinitis, but fexofenadine, which is the active ingredient in Allegra 180mg and is called an H1 receptor antagonist, inhibits this.

When an allergic reaction is caused by a stimulus such as pollen of a plant, chemical mediators such as histamine are released from the cells of the immune system. When histamine binds to H1 receptors, it stimulates allergic reactions such as rhinitis.

Fexofenadine works by blocking histamine receptors and by inhibiting the release of allergy-related chemical mediators such as leukotrienes, thereby alleviating allergic reactions.

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