Anti Hair Loss Cream (100ml)


Anti Hair Loss Cream is a hair growth cream developed by Himalaya in India.

It is made with herbs such as Mulberry and Vueta parviflora, which are said to have a rejuvenating effect in Ayurveda, a natural remedy from India.

Tsuruhanamotsuyakunoki contains isoflavones and flavonols, and is said to have the effect of promoting the secretion of DHEA-S, which is said to be a rejuvenating hormone.

Prevent hair loss, promote hair growth
Active ingredient Tsuruhanamotsuyakunoki, etc.
Estimated delivery days 7~14 days
Target gender Unisex
Pharmaceutical company Himalaya Herbals


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About Anti Hair Loss Cream

Anti Hair Loss Cream is a product that prevents hair loss and hair loss, which can be said to be the cause of thinning hair, by the Indian manufacturer “Himalaya”, which is manufactured by blending natural ingredients.

Applying the cream to the thinned or worrisome areas and gently rubbing it in will improve blood circulation due to the effect of the massage, which will lead to strong hair roots and prevent hair loss. Because it is a natural ingredient, you can use it without any side effects.

Anti Hair Loss Cream based on Ayurvedic theory
  • Rest assured that only carefully selected natural ingredients are used.
  • You can expect not only hair growth but also nourishment tonic and anti-aging effects.
  • There are no side effects to worry about, so it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin!

“Anti Hair Loss Cream” is a hair cream for preventing hair loss manufactured and sold by Himalaya Herbals, a company based in India.

In India, the effects of Ayurveda, a folk remedy that has been handed down since ancient times, are still handed down, and many Indian pharmaceutical companies manufacture Ayurvedic medicines.

Ayurveda is said to be the oldest medical treatment in the world, a beauty and health law that borrows the power of herbs and medicinal herbs.

“Anti Hair Loss Cream” is also manufactured using a recipe based on Ayurvedic theory, and only plant-derived ingredients are used, so it can be used safely every day regardless of skin or hair type. increase.

Characteristics of Anti Hair Loss Cream

“Anti Hair Loss Cream” is for both men and women. The usage is a little unique, once a day after washing your hair at night, apply it while massaging it all over the head, then leave it overnight and wash it off the next morning.

It is possible to use it in the morning, but if the drug gets on your clothes during activities, the color may stain your clothes and uniforms.

Basically, use once a day, but if you feel that the effect is weak, you can use it up to twice a day.

A cream that is more effective in preventing hair loss than it is in hair growth

“Anti Hair Loss Cream”, as the name suggests, is a hair cream that prevents hair loss (hair loss).

Hair loss is a condition in which the hair cycle is disturbed due to malnutrition in the hair roots due to poor hygiene of the scalp and poor blood flow to the capillaries.

For this reason, it can be said that it is best to use the “Anti Hair Loss Cream” when you start to worry about hair loss.

The most common hair loss problem for both men and women is alopecia areata. Among them, the type that occurs in men is called AGA (male pattern baldness) and the type that occurs in women is called FAGA (female pattern baldness), and the detailed causes and onset patterns are different.

However, as mentioned above, the rough flow of onset due to deterioration of the hygiene environment of the scalp and blood flow disorder is common to both men and women.

In addition, the word “prime age” generally means the age of the prime of life between the 30s and 50s. The prevalence of alopecia increases significantly in both men and women in their 50s, so it is important to take early measures.

If the alopecia in the prime of life begins in earnest, medication treatment is required, so we recommend using this hair cream for “prevention”.

About 50% of adults suffer from hair loss and thinning hair, so it is important to take care of hair loss early on the premise that AGA and FAGA will develop, without thinking that you are fine. It’s a cardinal rule for maintaining lush hair.

If you keep using it, your scalp will revive! It is also effective for anti-engineering and nourishing tonic

The ingredients contained in “Anti Hair Loss Cream” are medicinal plant ingredients formulated based on Ayurvedic theory. By continuing to use it every day, the active ingredients penetrate into the scalp, are taken in from the capillaries near the scalp, and spread throughout the body. Since the health of the scalp is improved, in addition to reducing hair loss, the health of the hair will be improved, and the firmness and volume will be improved. In addition, anti-aging and nourishing effects can be expected, and this alone can be expected to have health care effects for the whole body.

“Anti Hair Loss Cream” is made from herbs such as Mt. These herbs have various effects and effects other than hair loss prevention effects, and are also used in Ayurveda for nourishment and skin care. FAGA (female pattern baldness) is caused by aging and stress, and the risk of developing female pattern baldness increases sharply when the secretion of female hormones decreases.

About side effects

“Anti Hair Loss Cream” is an Ayurvedic prescription medicine, but there is no risk of side effects. However, since it contains ingredients that are highly effective in improving blood flow and ingredients that suppress inflammation, if you are allergic or have severe inflammation or bleeding due to seborrheic dermatitis, please use that first. Prioritize treatment of the underlying disease.

In some cases, itching and increased dandruff may occur, so if you feel any abnormality, please consult a dermatologist.

If AGA causes complete hair loss

In severe cases of androgenetic alopecia (AGA), it is possible that complete hair loss occurs in which the entire tissue called the hair follicle, which controls hair regeneration, disappears.

If you have complete hair loss, hair will not grow from that area even if you take care with medication or hair restorers. Please consult a specialist such as

How to take Anti Hair Loss Cream

1 Dose
moderate amount
Number of doses per day
1-2 times

Apply to clean scalp after shampooing. Take an appropriate amount and spread it over the entire scalp. After that, put on a shower cap and leave it overnight to allow the ingredients to penetrate.

Be careful not to let the cream get on your clothes, as the color may not fade or the fibers may become discolored.

After overnight, rinse thoroughly in the shower until all remaining ingredients are gone.

Precautions for Anti Hair Loss Cream

“Anti Hair Loss Cream” is a product that is not approved in USA. Therefore, if you have severe inflammation of the scalp due to atopic dermatitis or seborrheic back dermatitis, please be careful when using it.

Especially for this product, after applying the creamleave it as it is for a long time to allow the ingredients to penetrate, so we recommend that those with sensitive skin consult a dermatologist in advance.

However, no serious side effects have been reported, so it is the best hair growth care product for those who do not have scalp problems other than hair loss.

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