Famcimac 250mg


Famcimac 250mg is an antiviral drug developed by McLeods and is a generic version of Famcimac.

When the active ingredient famciclovir is taken, penciclovir triphosphate is converted into penciclovir triphosphate and incorporated into the virus cells.

This medicine works effectively to improve symptoms because it inhibits copying of genes necessary for viral proliferation.

Herpes simplex treatment, herpes zoster treatment
Active ingredient Famciclovir
Estimated delivery days 7~14 days
Target gender Unisex
Pharmaceutical company McLeods


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About Famcimac 250mg

A generic type remedy that can quickly relieve the symptoms of herpes that you are worried about
  • Early treatment is possible while preventing deterioration by using it at the early stage of symptoms.
  • Oral type therapeutic drug that is easier to feel a more definite effect than topical drugs.
  • Top-class cheapness among the many Famcimac generic drugs.

Active Ingredients of Famcimac 250mg

Indications for Famcimac 250mg

Famcimac is an oral medication that is highly effective against the herpes virus that causes herpes labialis and shingles. The herpes virus multiplies in the body, causing various symptoms. Famcimac has the effect of suppressing the proliferation of the herpes virus, and this effect can lead to improvement of various symptoms. In particular, it is very important to take the drug in the early stages when symptoms begin to appear.

Features of Famcimac 250mg

Famcimac is a herpes treatment drug manufactured and sold by McLeods, a pharmaceutical manufacturer headquartered in Mumbai, India, which operates in more than 80 countries around the world. Since it is a generic drug of Famcimac, the original drug, it has the same therapeutic effect as Famcimac but can be purchased at a much lower price.

It is said that it is difficult to completely prevent herpes infection because it can be transmitted not only by sexual contact where the genitals are touched, but also by droplet infection. Furthermore, in modern medicine, there is no medicine that completely kills the herpes virus, so it is important to calm the symptoms as soon as they develop.

Famcimac contains an active ingredient that inhibits the proliferation of the herpes virus, and a high therapeutic effect can be expected if the drug is taken at the initial stage when the number of herpes viruses is low. increase. Herpes is also one of the most recurrent diseases, and it tends to be treated more frequently than other diseases. Famcimac, which is a generic drug with a low drug price, is recommended because it can significantly reduce the cost of treatment even for those who have a high incidence of herpes.

A herpes treatment drug classified as an oral drug that exerts a stable therapeutic effect

There are two main types of herpes medicines: oral medicines and topical medicines. Oral medicines, as the name suggests, exert their therapeutic effects when taken in tablet form, while topical medicines exert their therapeutic effects by applying creams, etc. directly to the affected areas where symptoms appear.

Topical medicines are applied directly to the affected area, so they have the advantage of being less likely to cause systemic side effects, but if symptoms appear in places that are difficult to see, there is a possibility that the medicine cannot be applied properly. Also, if the range of symptoms is wide, there may be cases where the medicine runs out quickly. Furthermore, since you have to touch the affected area directly, you may spread the herpes virus to other places if you do not wash your hands thoroughly after application.

In contrast to such topical medicines, oral medicines exert their therapeutic effects simply by taking them no matter where in the body symptoms appear. The fact that the dosage is not affected by the range of symptoms is also a great advantage.

In addition, Famcimac 250mg exhibits a high therapeutic effect for both type 1, in which symptoms appear around the lips, and type 2, in which symptoms appear around the genitals. In this way, the burden of treatment can be greatly reduced compared to topical medicines, so it is recommended that people who have a high frequency of recurrence of herpes symptoms take Famcimac, which is an oral medicine.

Recommended therapeutic drug with excellent cost performance in all aspects

As mentioned above, once infected with the herpes virus, it is impossible to completely kill the virus. When you feel a lot of stress or get tired, your body’s immunity weakens, and the herpes virus becomes more active and the symptoms recur.

Therefore, the more busy you are, the more likely you are to have a herpes recurrence. Going to the hospital for treatment every time it recurs is a huge burden in all aspects, such as the labor and time to go to the hospital, and not only the cost of medicine but also the consultation fee. In particular, genital herpes also has aspects that are difficult to consult, coupled with the place where symptoms appear.

The Famcimac introduced this time can solve these problems at once. You can get it without getting a prescription from the hospital, so you can eliminate the hassle and mental burden of going to the hospital.

In addition, Famcimac, which is particularly cheap among the multiple Facidin generic drugs, can greatly reduce the cost burden. This feature is very compatible with herpes virus, which has a high recurrence frequency, and Famcimac is a drug with excellent cost performance.

Effects of Famcimac 250mg


Alleviation and improvement of various symptoms due to type 1 or type 2 herpes virus infection.

Quickly relieves painful symptoms caused by herpes virus with excellent viral growth inhibitory action.

Famcimac, a generic drug of Facidin, has a high therapeutic effect against herpes virus as well as Facidin. After taking this medicine, it shows its effect on the herpes virus immediately, and you can proceed with the treatment while suppressing the worsening of the symptoms.

Early initiation of administration is recommended, as the greatest therapeutic effect is achieved when taken in the early stages of onset. Because the medicinal ingredients spread throughout the body, it has a high therapeutic effect against both type 1 and type 2 herpes viruses. It is only effective against the herpes virus and should only be used in situations where the symptoms you are experiencing have been identified as being caused by the herpes virus. If you are unsure, we recommend going to the hospital first.

How to take Famcimac 250mg

1 Dose
1 tablet (250mg as famciclovir)
Timing of use
Number of doses per day
3 times
Interval between doses
6 hours or more
Duration of use
5 days (for labial and genital herpes)

Please take with water or lukewarm water. Drink more fluids than usual while taking Famcimac. The closer the timing of taking this medicine is to the early stage of the onset, the higher the therapeutic effect can be expected.

Precautions when taking

Be sure to follow the prescribed dosage and administration. Increasing the dose does not change the therapeutic effect, but on the contrary increases the risk of side effects. If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember.

However, if it is almost time for the next dose, skip the missed dose and resume your next dose. Avoid taking two doses at once.

Even if your symptoms improve while taking this medicine, be sure to continue taking this medicine until the end. If you stop halfway through, you risk relapse.

There is a risk of infecting your partner, so if you have oral or genital herpes, refrain from having sex during treatment or be sure to wear a condom. If you feel unwell while taking this medicine, stop taking it and see how you feel. Since some of the side effects include dizziness and drowsiness, refrain from driving a car or operating machinery after taking this medicine.

Active Ingredients of Famcimac 250mg

Rapid improvement of symptoms with excellent herpes virus growth inhibitory action

The active ingredient famciclovir contained in Famcimac is an ingredient that exerts a pinpoint effect against the herpes virus. Herpes labialis and genital herpes are caused by the herpes virus.

Famciclovir works by inhibiting the action of enzymes involved in DNA replication that are necessary for the herpes virus to multiply. This action prevents the herpes virus from proliferating in the affected area, and various symptoms improve rapidly.

Side Effects of Famcimac 250mg

Major side effects

  • headache
  • dizzy
  • sleepiness
  • nausea
  • rash
  • Diarrhea etc.

It has been reported that the above side effects occur when taking Famcimac 250mg. In most cases, the symptoms are mild and subside, but if the symptoms are severe, please stop taking the drug and see how it goes or see a doctor.

Rare side effects

  • anaphylactic shock
  • Toxic epidermal necrolysis
  • rhabdomyolysis
  • neuropsychiatric symptoms
  • acute kidney injury, etc.

Although very rare cases such as anaphylactic shock, toxic epidermal necrolysis, rhabdomyolysis, neuropsychiatric symptoms, acute kidney injury, etc., serious side effects such as those mentioned above have been reported. If you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking the drug immediately and be sure to consult a doctor.

Precautions for Famcimac 250mg

  • Careful administration
  • The following people should be careful when taking this medicine.
    • Elderly people
    • Those with renal impairment
    • Those with immune system diseases
  • Persons who should not take
  • The following people cannot use this medicine.
    • Those who have had allergic reactions to ingredients contained in Famcimac in the past
    • Those who are pregnant or may be pregnant
    • breastfeeding
    • Infants or children, etc.
  • Contraindicated drugs
    • nothing special

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