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About Isotroin 10mg

Isotroin 10mg is an acne treatment drug containing the active ingredient isotretinoin, which has an acne improvement rate of 98% and a recurrence rate of 30% or less. Using Isotroin 10mg can be expected to improve persistent adult acne and moderate to severe acne. There are individual differences in the treatment period, but many people report that their acne has improved after about 6 months of treatment. For the first 1 to 2 months after taking this medicine, you may experience a worsening reaction than before taking this medicine, but symptoms tend to improve, so please continue taking this medicine.

The world’s most powerful acne treatment, effective even for intractable acne
  • It is said to be the most effective acne treatment in the world.
  • Accutane is a generic, so you can buy it cheaply.
  • Prevents recurrence and treats acne from the root.

Isotroin 10mg is a generic version of Accutane, the world’s most powerful drug.

It is said to be effective even for intractable acne, and in Europe and the United States, it is prescribed for many acne treatments.

In addition, it has the effect of preventing recurrence of acne that is prone to recurrence, and fundamental improvement is also possible.

However, as the effect is strong, it is a drug that is prone to side effects. Please get a doctor’s certificate before purchasing.

Characteristics of Isotroin 10mg

Isotroin 10mg is an oral acne medication. Therefore, it is also effective for pimples in areas where it is difficult to apply ointment, and it is also possible to treat pimples all over the body at once.

It also has the effect of suppressing recurrence, so it is also recommended for those who suffer from acne that tends to recur.

Acts on cells, not bacteria, and fundamentally improves acne.

Antibiotics are common oral medications for treating acne. Bacteria such as. acnes are the main cause of acne.

Therefore, if you use antibiotics to eliminate bacteria, you will also remove the indigenous bacteria that are originally necessary for the skin.

If these bacteria are gone, it will be impossible to fight pathogens, and the skin may get worse.

Isotroin 10mg is not an antibiotic, it acts on cells. Therefore, it can lead to acne-resistant skin while leaving the bacteria necessary for the body.

Suppresses the secretion of sebum and leads the skin to a normal state.

Isotroin 10mg causes the sebaceous gland cells to shrink and suppress the secretion of sebum.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties, making it effective against inflammatory acne.

It also works to normalize epidermal cells, so it is said to prevent keratinization due to acne and is effective for acne scars. Even if you suffer from acne that is difficult to heal or acne scars, you can expect an effect.

Effects of Isotroin 10mg


  • Acne
  • It is also effective against intractable acne.

Isotroin 10mg is also effective for intractable acne. Suppresses sebum secretion and improves acne.

It is also effective for persistent pimples that can be repeated to prevent recurrence.

In addition, it can be expected to be effective for inflammatory acne, and is said to be effective in treating acne scars.

In the United States and Canada, which are advanced countries for acne treatment, many people use it as an indispensable drug for acne treatment.

How to use Isotroin 10mg

1 Dose
0.5-2mg/kg body weight
Number of doses per day
up to 2 times

Take one course for 20 weeks continuously.

Isotroin 10mg should be taken with water or lukewarm water. Continue taking it for 1 course for 20 weeks.

Even if symptoms subside earlier than 20 weeks, continue taking this medicine for 20 weeks to prevent recurrence.

If the symptoms subside after 20 weeks of taking the drug, the drug is finished.

If the symptoms do not subside, wait at least 8 weeks before starting a second course.

The higher the dose, the more effective it is, but the drug is prone to side effects.

Please adjust the amount while watching the situation.

About the Active Ingredients of Isotroin 10mg

The active ingredient isotretinoin acts on cells and normalizes sebum.

The active ingredient in Isotrollin is isotretinoin. It improves acne by acting on cells, normalizing sebum and sebaceous glands, and making it difficult for sebum to clog.

Unlike antibiotics, it maintains the necessary indigenous bacteria on the skin, so it can fight against pathogenic bacteria and prevent the deterioration of the skin condition.

It also works to prevent the recurrence of acne, so it can be expected to fundamentally improve severe acne.

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