Malegra 50mg


Malegra 50mg is an erectile dysfunction drug developed by Sunrise Remedies.

Generic Viagra contains sildenafil. This medicine expands blood vessels in the corpus cavernosum by inhibiting the enzyme PDE5 (phosphodiesterase 5) , improves blood flow, and promotes erection . It is a perfect drug for men of various ages who are suffering from ED or a decline in erectile function, and for men who want to continue ED treatment at a low cost.

Effect ED improvement
Active ingredient Sildenafil
Estimated delivery days 7~14 days
Target gender male
Pharmaceutical company Sunrise Remedies


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About Malegra 50mg

Viagra generic drug that allows you to experience powerful erection at a low price
  • It is a generic drug of Viagra, which is a famous ED treatment drug.
  • You can get a stronger and stiffer penis than usual just by taking one tablet before sex.
  • It is highly safe because it contains ingredients that have been around for a long time.

Active Ingredients of Malegra 50mg

Indications for Malegra 50mg

Malegra 50mg is a generic drug containing the active ingredient sildenafil of Viagra manufactured and sold by Sunrise.

Sildenafil is said to be the world’s first ED drug, and has accumulated a lot of results and data.

While it has the same effect as Viagra, you can realize the effect at a more affordable price range than Viagra.

Characteristics of Malegra 50mg

The active ingredient Sildenafil contained in Malegra 50mg is the same ingredient as Viagra, which is very famous as an ED treatment drug.

Malegra 50mg is an erectile dysfunction drug developed.

Sildenafil was the first ED drug approved for treatment. Since it has been used for a long time, it can be said that it is a therapeutic drug with a lot of achievements, with abundant data after its use.

Since Malegra 50mg is a generic drug, it is cheaper than Viagra.

Since the active ingredients contained are the same, you can get the same effect at a lower price.

Malegra 50mg is available in 50mg and 100mg tablets, but the dosage for adult males is 25mg to 50mg per dose.

Although the cost performance per tablet is sufficient, the same effect can be obtained by dividing the tablet in half, so the cost performance can be further improved.

It is a drug that is easy to adjust the amount of medicine according to your physique and constitution.

Sildenafil contained in Malegra 50mg is a very well-balanced drug compared to other ED treatment drugs.

The effect of the medicine is said to be around 5 hours , so the medicine is sharp.

It works only when you need it, and it’s easy to use because it doesn’t spoil after the action and the effect of the medicine fades.

In addition, Viagra is considered to be 25 mg or 50 mg once, but even a low dose of 25mg can provide sufficient erection power.

However, depending on the size and constitution of the body, there may be cases where 25mg is not enough.

Even in such cases, Viagra is easy to adjust because it is easy to change the amount used.

Viagra 50mg boasts top-class strength among ED treatment drugs, so increasing the dose to 50mg will give you stronger and stronger erections.

A strong erection is exhibited only when necessary for sexual activity.

One of the most common misconceptions about ED drugs is that they may cause you to have an erection as long as the drug is working.

Sildenafil contained in Malegra 50mg does not give you an erection all the time.

Malegra 50mg only creates an environment that will ensure an erection, so an erection will not occur unless the brain sends a signal from sexual stimulation or excitement.

By understanding the mechanism of erection and using it, you will be able to face sexual activity with peace of mind.

Effects of Malegra 50mg


  • ED improvement
  • It is effective for those who are not satisfied with the hardness and endurance of their penis through sexual activity.

Sildenafil contained in Malegra 50mg suppresses the action of an enzyme called phosphodiesterase 5, which decomposes cyclic GMP, which is essential in the process of getting an erection. It improves ED symptoms such as withering on the way.

If you take it before you act, the medicine will start to take effect and you will definitely gain confidence as a man in sex.

How to take Malegra 50mg

1 Dose
1/4 or 1/2 tablet (25-50mg as sildenafil)
When to take
1 hour before sex
Number of doses per day
Up to once a day
Interval between doses

Take this medicine with a glass of water or lukewarm water about an hour before sexual activity.

Do not take more than once a day, and allow 24 hours between doses.

By taking it on an empty stomach, it is quickly absorbed by the body and exhibits its effects.

Precautions when taking

Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Malegra 50mg, is absorbed through the intestines and spreads throughout the body, where it begins to work.

This medicine is more effective on an empty stomach, so wait at least 2 hours after eating before taking it.

Since the drug begins to take effect through the gastrointestinal tract, the appearance and strength of the effect are affected by the presence or absence of food.

This medicine is more effective on an empty stomach, so wait at least 2 hours after eating before taking it.

Also, it is less likely to be affected by food if you avoid greasy food when using it.

Elderly people aged 65 and over, people with liver and kidney disorders, and people with chronic diseases should start taking a small dose and adjust accordingly.

Sildenafil dilates blood vessels, which may cause temporary lightheadedness and dizziness.

It will settle down in about a few hours, but it is recommended to adjust from a low dose.

As for alcohol, it can be used without problems if consumed in moderation.

Be careful of drinking large amounts of alcohol, as it may affect the effect of the medicine.

However, if you are drunk, you may not be able to have sex, so it is smarter to drink in moderation.

About the Active Ingredients of Malegra 50mg

It improves ED by increasing the amount of cyclic GMP required for erection.

An erection is achieved by the concentration of blood in the penis.

Cyclic GMP is required in the process from receiving sexual stimulation to sending signals from the brain to collecting blood in the penis.

The amount of cyclic GMP increases in the corpus cavernosum of the penis due to sexual stimulation, but there is an enzyme called phosphodiesterase 5 that decomposes this substance.

Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Malegra 50mg, inhibits the enzyme phosphodiesterase 5 to suppress its action, and by increasing the concentration of cyclic GMP in the corpus cavernosum, it relaxes the corpus cavernosum smooth muscle and increases blood flow.

Sildenafil will concentrate the blood in the penis, which will give you the ideal erection strength and the duration of the erection.

Malegra 50mg side effects

Major side effects

  • Hot flashes, facial redness, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, palpitations, tachycardia, nausea, etc.

Sildenafil, a component of Malegra 50mg, dilates blood vessels and can cause dizziness and headaches due to fluctuations in blood pressure. Temporary side effects may be seen when the drug is absorbed, but the symptoms will subside in about 2 to 3 hours.

Rare side effects

  • Sustained erection, hypersensitivity, etc.

It has been reported abroad that rare erections do not subside for a long time after using Malegra 50mg.

If you have an erection that lasts longer than 4 hours after taking this medicine, consult your doctor or pharmacist immediately.

Precautions for Malegra 50mg

  • Careful administration
    • Persons with structural male genital defects (curvature, penile fibrosis, Peyronie’s disease, etc.)
    • People with blood diseases that put them at risk of priapism (sickle cell anemia, multiple myeloma, leukemia, etc.)
    • People taking PDE5 inhibitors or other drugs for erectile dysfunction
    • People with bleeding disorders or peptic ulcers
    • People with multiple system atrophy (Shy-Drager syndrome, etc.)
    • People with severe renal impairment
    • people with liver problems
    • Elderly person over 65 years old
    • people taking antibiotics or antifungals
    • people taking epilepsy medicine
    • People using antihypertensive drugs
    • People using alpha-blockers
    • a person who likes to eat grapefruit
    • People who are taking other drugs that dilate blood vessels or drugs that affect blood vessels
  • Persons who should not take
    • People who have had a hypersensitivity reaction to the ingredient sildenafil contained in Malegra 50mg
    • People using nitrates or nitric oxide (NO) donors (nitroglycerin, amyl nitrite, isosorbide dinitrate, nicorandil, etc.)
    • Those who have a heart or blood vessel disorder and are restricted from strenuous exercise by a doctor
    • people with severe liver damage
    • People with low blood pressure or people with high blood pressure who are not treated
    • Those who have had myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, or cerebral hemorrhage within the past 6 months
    • people with retinitis pigmentosa
    • People taking amiodarone hydrochloride (Ancarone)
    • People using a soluble guanylate cyclase (sGC) stimulant (riociguat)
  • Contraindicated drugs
    • Nitroglycerin
    • amyl nitrite
    • isosorbide dinitrate
    • nicorandil
    • amiodarone hydrochloride
    • Riociguat

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  • Delivery may be delayed in some areas such as remote islands and remote islands.

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