Obelit 60mg Capsule


Obelit 60mg is an obesity drug developed by Intaspharma and is a generic of Xenical.

Fat contained in food is broken down into fatty acids by the action of lipase and absorbed.

Inhibits the action of lipase and inhibits fat absorption.

Effect Inhibition of fat absorption
Active ingredient Orlistat
Estimated delivery days 7~14 days
Target gender Unisex
Pharmaceutical company Intas Pharma


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About Obelit 60mg

Obelit is an anti-obesity drug and is a generic of Xenical. Ingredients have the same effect as Xenical, just one capsule is enough to reduce the absorption of fat in food.

Obelit can reduce fat content in food by up to 30%. By not being absorbed from the intestine, the cut fat is excreted with the stool. There is no need to accumulate stress with unreasonable dietary restrictions. If you have given up on your diet many times, please try it.

Diet medicine perfect for USA people! It works gently and firmly with the effect of orlistat
  • You can suppress the absorption of fat in food just by taking it.
  • Blocks fat by inhibiting the action of the fat digestion and absorption enzyme lipase.
  • It is a generic of the original drug Xenical and reduces the burden on the body.

Obelit is an anti-obesity drug developed by Intaspharma. Just by taking this, you can lose weight without stress without excessive dietary restrictions.

The fat contained in normal food is broken down by the lipase enzyme and absorbed into the body. Fat that is not absorbed into the body is excreted with stool, eliminating the cause of obesity.

Features of Obelit 60mg

Obelit is a generic drug of Xenical. The main ingredient of both is orlistat, which inhibits the action of lipolytic enzymes in the body. The feature of Obelit is that the content of Orlistat is less than Xenical’s 120mg, half as 60mg. Western diets generally contain a lot of fat, and the effects of Xenical tend to be too strong for the USA body type and diet.

Obelit is an anti-obesity drug that is friendly to the USA, with its mild effect reducing the burden on the USA body.

Suppresses the absorption of fat and makes it difficult for the body to take in the cause of obesity.

Fat that causes obesity is absorbed into the body after being broken down by the action of lipase. Lipase is contained in the digestive juices secreted from the stomach and pancreas, and is a digestive enzyme that aids in the digestion of lipids.

Orlistat, which is the main ingredient of Obelit, inhibits the action of this lipase, thereby suppressing the breakdown and absorption of fat.

Fat that is not absorbed into the body is excreted outside the body, so there is no need to limit the amount of food or excessively suppress greasy foods.

People who have been suffering from obesity because they cannot control their desire to eat, and those who have been restricting their diet while feeling stressed in order to treat health problems caused by obesity, can easily work on a diet. It is especially effective for serious obesity-related diseases (diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, hyperuricemia, gout, coronary artery disease, etc.).

In some cases, the effect can be visibly visible as the unabsorbed lipid is excreted as an oil. It is necessary to take it while consulting a doctor so that the nutrients necessary for the body are not deficient, and supplements are used to replenish nutrients.

Gentle and gentle on the body

Obelit is a generic drug for the obesity drug Xenical. Xenical is a formulation that was developed and marketed overseas, and was developed to excrete lipids from the body based on Western-style diets that contain a lot of lipids. Therefore, if you use Xenical for USA people’s body type and diet, it may be too effective.

Obelit contains 60mg of the main ingredient orlistat, which is half that of Xenical (120mg). Although the lipid excretion effect of Obelit is less than that of Xenical (120mg), it can be expected to have a reasonable effect on the USA body. Since it is a therapeutic drug with the same ingredients as Xenical, the diet effect is basically the same.

Excessive excretion of lipids to the outside of the body can cause rough skin, and fat-soluble vitamins (vitamin A, D, E, K, etc.) can be excreted together with lipids without being absorbed. I will run out.

Obelit can prevent such an unreasonable burden on the body and act gently on the body, so it is a safe treatment for those who are too effective with Xenical. Since the effectiveness of fat absorption inhibitors varies from person to person, Obelit may be more suitable for first-time use.

Obelit’s effect


  • Obesity, prevention of obesity.
  • Cut fat absorption and suppress calorie absorption.

This medicine improves obesity and prevents various health disorders caused by obesity by suppressing the absorption of fat contained in meals. Impaired glucose tolerance (type 2 diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance, etc.), dyslipidemia, hypertension, hyperuricemia, gout, coronary artery disease (myocardial infarction, angina pectoris), cerebral infarction (cerebral thrombosis, transient cerebral ischemia) seizures), non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, menstrual irregularities/infertility, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome/obesity hypoventilation syndrome, musculoskeletal diseases (osteoarthritis (knee/hip)/spondylolisthesis/finger For obesity-related diseases such as osteoarthritis (OA) and obesity-related kidney disease , improving obesity may lead to a path to treatment, and it is effective not only for dieting but also for urgent symptoms.

How to take Obelit 60mg

1 Dose
1 to 2 tablets (up to 120mg of “orlistat” at a time)
Number of doses per day
up to 3 times
Dosing interval
be sure to leave 2 hours
Timing of use
Within 1 hour after eating

Effective when eating fatty foods

It is not necessary to take Obelit when you have a light, low-fat meal because you cannot expect any effect. Since it is a drug that inhibits the lipase enzyme that breaks down and absorbs fat, Obelit’s effects cannot be fully exhibited in the case of meals with low fat content where lipase acts.

Take 1 to 2 tablets at a time before, during, or within 1 hour after meals. It is recommended to take a multivitamin 2 hours before or 2 hours after taking this medicine, as it may interfere with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

If you forget to take a dose, you can take it at that time, but please wait 2 hours before taking the next dose. The maximum daily dose is 6 tablets, but do not take more than 2 doses at once.

If you feel that the effect is strong, adjust the dose to 1/2 or 1/4. In addition, patients with hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism), patients with certain eating disorders (anorexia nervosa/bulimia), patients with HIV infection, medical history such as seizures If you have or feel any side effects, please consult your doctor before use.

Active Ingredients of Obelit 60mg

The active ingredient Orlistat reduces fat absorption.

Orlistat, which is included in Ovelit, is a drug developed by Roche in Switzerland and has undergone extensive clinical trials. Approved in Latin America, North America, EU and 86 other countries.

By inhibiting the action of lipase, an enzyme that decomposes fat in the stomach and intestines, it suppresses the decomposition and absorption of fats taken in from meals.

Since orlistat itself is excreted at the same time as fat, the burden on the body is small and it can be taken regardless of age or gender.

Side effects include headache, abdominal pain, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, flatulence, oily, fatty, and watery stools. Shock, anaphylaxis, acute pancreatitis, hives, etc. may occur as rare side effects.In such cases, consult a doctor immediately.


Country of origin

Estimated time of arrival
7-14 days

  • Delivery may be delayed due to weather in the country of origin or holidays of vendors in the country of origin.
  • Delivery may be delayed in some areas such as remote islands and remote islands.

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