Tugain 10% Solution 60ml


Tugain 10% Solution 60ml is a hair growth product manufactured by the world-famous Indian company Cipla.

Rogaine is a generic drug manufactured by McNeil, a Johnson & Johnson company.

Tugain 10% Solution 60ml has three concentrations of minoxidil, and the higher the concentration, the higher the hair growth effect.

Effect Promote hair growth
Active ingredient Minoxidil
Estimated delivery days 7~14 days
Target gender Male
Pharmaceutical company Cipla

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About Tugain 10% Solution 60ml

This is a great value set of Tugain 10% Solution, which is world-famous as an external medicine for AGA treatment, and Finax (oral medicine). Finax (oral medicine) contains finasteride , which is the same ingredient as Propecia, an AGA treatment drug sold in USA.

90% of AGA patients felt improvement in thinning hair, a type of hair growth agent that is applied directly to the head
  • A hair growth agent that improved 90% of AGA patients in half a year.
  • It is a generic containing minoxidil, the same active ingredient as Rogaine.
  • Marketed by India’s Cipla and available in 3 doses.

Tugain 10% Solution is a hair growth agent that is indicated for male thinning hair (male pattern baldness/AGA). The active ingredient, minoxidil, is a medicine that promotes hair growth itself and is used by applying it directly to the scalp. Some medicines claiming to be hair restorers treat thinning hair indirectly by suppressing male hormones, but Tugain 10% Solution promotes blood circulation in the scalp and activates the cells at the root of hair directly. It works. It shortens the time it takes for hair to fall out and grow back (telogen), helping to grow and maintain new, healthy hair.

Since it is a generic drug, it is cheaper to obtain than the original drug, and there is also the merit that it is easy to continue. There are individual differences, but if you continue for about half a year, you can feel the effect, so let’s do our best for half a year.

Description of item

Tugain 10% Solution contains minoxidil as an active ingredient to improve male pattern baldness. By applying it directly to the areas of thinning hair, it works on the hair roots, activating the hair matrix cells and helping to grow new hair. In addition, it shortens the period from when old hair falls out to when it grows back again (the resting period in the hair cycle), helping to grow healthy hair. It also promotes blood circulation in the scalp, so it has the effect of making it easier for nutrients to spread to the hair roots, and various functions are combined to promote hair growth.

In addition to minoxidil, it contains a protein called keratin, which is necessary to create lively hair.

Tugain 10% Solution 60ml is an AGA treatment that improves thinning hair in over 90% of people in half a year.

According to clinical trial data of the active ingredient minoxidil contained in Tugain 10% Solution, improvement of thinning hair is seen after 4 weeks of administration of minoxidil 5%. 10% after 8 weeks, 60% after 12 weeks, and over 90% after 6 months.

The secret of the strong hair growth effect is the two actions of minoxidil. One is to promote blood circulation in the scalp, and the other is to activate the hair matrix cells in the hair roots. In addition to minoxidil, it also contains happy ingredients, and the protein called keratin, which is indispensable for the generation of healthy and beautiful hair, will grow beautiful hair with elasticity.

In this way, Tugain 10% Solution is an AGA drug that has an excellent hair growth effect and nurtures lively hair.

It is a generic product sold by a major pharmaceutical company, so it is cheap and safe.

Tugain 10% Solution 60ml is a generic drug of Rogaine, which is famous for its high hair growth effect. It contains Minoxidil, the same active ingredient as Rogaine. It is manufactured and marketed by Cipla, a major Indian pharmaceutical company. It is a reliable manufacturer that is used in about 150 countries around the world as a company that handles not only hair growth stimulants but also antibiotics, anti-cancer drugs, anti-AIDS drugs, diabetes drugs, heart disease drugs, etc.

Tugain 10% Solution is gaining popularity because it is available at a lower price than its predecessor, Rogaine. Continuity of thinning hair treatment is important. This is because the cycle in which hair grows (hair cycle) is said to be 3 to 6 years. Most of the hair cycle is the growth phase, and healthy hair continues to grow vigorously by repeating cell division for 3 to 6 years. Next, there is a regression period in which hair does not grow, and a resting period in which hair matrix cells enter a resting period and hair is removed. Therefore, with long-term use, thinning hair will gradually improve. It’s easy to continue and it’s helpful to be gentle on your wallet.

Effect of Tugain 10% Solution 60ml


Prevention of progression of hair growth, hair growth and hair loss in prime alopecia.

AGA, those who aim to increase the volume of hair.

Tugain 10% Solution is effective in preventing the progression of alopecia in the prime of life and androgenetic alopecia (AGA). This product is also recommended for those who are concerned about thinning hair, want to grow vibrant hair, or want to return to the volume of their hair when they were young. The hair growth ingredient contained in Tugain 10% Solution is minoxidil, which promotes blood circulation in the scalp and works on the cells at the root of each hair to directly promote hair growth. In some cases, it can be used in combination with other hair restorers, oral medicines, and supplements. If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor or pharmacist, as it may not be possible to use this medicine with medicines for other diseases.

How to take Tugain 10% Solution 60ml

1 Dose
Number of doses per day
up to 2 times
Dosing interval
12 hours
Duration of use
6 months minimum

Tugain 10% Solution 60ml is applied twice a day, morning and evening, directly to areas where thinning hair is a concern.

Tugain 10% Solution is very easy to use. First wash your hair and cleanse your scalp. Apply 1ml to the scalp once. Leave it unwashed for at least 4 hours for the chemical to penetrate. Also, it is recommended to apply it 2-4 hours before going to bed at night so that you can go to bed after the medicinal solution has dried. Scalp massage is not a must, just apply the medicine to your scalp. If you use a spray, apply 5 times, or if you use a dropper, apply 1ml of the solution gently with your finger.

Diet effect

Tugain 10% Solution is a type of external preparation that is applied directly to the head, and the medicine is absorbed through the skin. Therefore, diet has little effect. To put it bluntly, if you eat too much or eat too quickly, blood will concentrate in your stomach, which can lead to poor blood circulation in your scalp and hinder hair growth. I guess.

Effects of alcohol

Tugain 10% Solution is a method of using a spray or a dropper to apply the medicinal solution directly to the scalp.

Since it is not an oral medicine, it is unlikely that the effect of the medicine will be affected by alcohol. The causal relationship between thinning hair and alcohol has not been clarified.

About the active ingredient of Tugain 10% Solution 60ml

The active ingredient, minoxidil, dilates blood vessels in the scalp and revitalizes hair roots.

The active ingredient in Tugain 10% Solution 60ml, minoxidil, has the effect of promoting blood circulation in the scalp.

When minoxidil is absorbed percutaneously, ATP-sensitive channels in vascular smooth muscle open, and a substance called ATP relaxes the blood vessels and dilates them. This improves the blood circulation in the scalp and makes it easier to nourish the hair roots. Along with the production of proteins that are essential for the growth of hair matrix cells, the hair matrix cells are activated and the speed of hair growth is accelerated. Considering the hair growth cycle, you can feel the effect by continuing for about 6 months.

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Estimated time of arrival
7-14 days

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  • Delivery may be delayed in some areas such as remote islands and remote islands.

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