V Tada Super 20mg


V Tada Super is an ED (erectile dysfunction) drug developed by Wipro Lifesciences.

It is a generic drug of Cialis and contains the active ingredient tadalafil, which increases the blood flow to the penis and keeps the erection strong.

Effect ED improvement
Active ingredient Tadalafil
Estimated delivery days 7~14 days
Target gender male
Pharmaceutical company Vipro Lifescience

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About V Tada Super

Long-lasting effect and low cost! ED medicine that can be taken at any time
  • Similar effects to Cialis, used by over 10 million people worldwide.
  • The duration of effect with one tablet is about 36 hours, which is surprising.
  • It is not affected by food or alcohol, so it can be taken at any time.

Active Ingredients of V Tada Super

Indications for V Tada Super

V Tada Super is an ED (erectile dysfunction) drug developed by Wipro Lifesciences.

V Tada Super is a generic drug of Cialis that is effective in treating and improving erectile dysfunction along with Viagra and Levitra.

Viagra and Levitra are well-known ED drugs, but Cialis has supported men all over the world as an ED drug that boasts the world’s top share. V Tada Super is a cheaper version of Cialis that retains the features and efficacy of Cialis. It has a long duration and is not easily affected by food, so it is an ED drug that is easy to use in daily life.

Features of V Tada Super

V Tada Super promotes blood flow to the penis, leading to an erection. Among ED drugs, it has a good reputation for its long-lasting effect, and its main feature is that the effect lasts for 24 hours at 10 mg and 30 to 36 hours at 20mg. Therefore, you can enjoy your time with your partner for a long time without worrying about the effect running out.

For example, if you take 20mg on Friday at 20:00, the effect will last until 8:00 on Sunday morning at the maximum, so it is cost-effective and you will not have to worry about the effect wearing off in the middle of the day. You can use it comfortably without having to hold it.

In addition, the active ingredient tadalafil is difficult to dissolve in water, and the speed of decomposition in the body is slow, so the blood concentration in the body is kept constant.

Therefore, as long as the effect lasts, you can expect excellent erection at any time, and it is also characterized by less side effects. Please be assured that V Tada Super does not have the effect of forcing an erection.

It does not interfere with daily life because it promotes an erection only when sexually aroused or stimulated, and once the arousal subsides, the erection will subside. It is possible to prevent breakage while promoting an erection in a natural way.

ED does not improve in 1 day or 1 week, it needs to be taken for a certain period of time. The generic drug V Tada Super is much cheaper than the original drug Cialis, so it is easy to continue.

Sexual intercourse completion rate increased from 20% to 68.4%. Active ingredient tadalafil improves erection

The effectiveness of tadalafil, the active ingredient in V Tada Super, has been proven in clinical trials. ED is also spreading among young people, and in 2019, it is said that 1 in 7 people in their 30s also have problems with erection and sexual intercourse.

Men in the prime of their lives often experience erectile dysfunction due to the stress of the company or work. If the vicious cycle of failing to get an erection during sexual intercourse becomes pressure and the partner is not satisfied the next time, it may progress to moderate or severe before you know it.

The efficacy of Tadalafil, an ingredient in V Tada Super, has thus been proven in experiments with adult men who have had moderately advanced erectile dysfunction for more than 3 months. About 20% of the men in the experiment completed intercourse until they ejaculated, but 68.4% of the men who took 20mg of the active ingredient tadalafil completed intercourse until they ejaculated. The result was obtained. In other words, the completion rate of satisfactory intercourse increased from about 2 out of 10 to about 7 out of 10, proving a significant improvement.

Furthermore, although the effect is reduced to 64.6% when taking 10mg and 51.4% when taking 5mg, test results are expected to improve ED due to the action of tadalafil in both cases. V Tada Super contains 20mg of the active ingredient tadalafil, which has been proven effective in trials. Together with a powerful erection, it will bring back the pride of men.

Since it is less affected by food, it is easy to choose the timing of administration

V Tada Super is an ED drug that has the advantage of being less affected by food. The original ED drugs such as Viagra and Levitra had the disadvantage of being easily affected by food.

Since the absorption rate of the active ingredient is significantly reduced, there is a restriction that it should be taken on an empty stomach or at least 2 hours after meals, making it difficult to get used to daily life and general dating. However, in the case of V Tada Super, the active ingredients are effectively absorbed and act regardless of whether you eat or not, so the point is that you can take it at the best timing regardless of the scene.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to meals with a high fat content, as this may cause a decrease in the absorption rate. Let’s keep it to a meal of about 800 kcal (about 470g for rice) or less.

Also, drinking alcohol is fine. Rather, a small amount of alcohol has a relaxing effect, so it is effective for ED treatment. However, due to the vasodilating effect of the active ingredient, you may get motion sickness more easily than usual, so pay attention to your own condition and be careful not to drink too much.

Also, avoid taking it with grapefruit (juice). The ingredients in grapefruit block the breakdown of active ingredients in the body. Avoid ingesting V Tada Super while taking V Tada Super, as excessive blood levels of the drug can cause severe liver damage.

Effect of V Tada Super


  • Improving erectile dysfunction (ED).
  • Effective for men who want sufficient erection and endurance during sexual intercourse.

V Tada Super is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), the inability to obtain or maintain a sufficient erection during sexual intercourse. Despite having a sexual desire, the symptoms are easy to understand, such as not getting hard even with excitement or sexual stimulation, or not lasting for a long time. said to be subject to treatment.

For men in their 20s to 40s, psychological stress such as stress and anxiety is often a factor in ED, so one key is to aim for ED improvement while reducing the mental burden as much as possible. V Tada Super is not only unaffected by food, but its effects last for about 36 hours, so you can take it at any time.

Since it is easy to adapt to daily life, it is a drug that is easy to start even for men who feel that it is difficult to start. It should be taken about 1 to 3 hours before sexual intercourse, but since it takes time to permeate the body, it may take some time before the effects start to appear depending on your physique and constitution. Even if you take it early, the effect will not change, so let’s use it with plenty of time.

How to take V Tada Super

1 Dose
1/2 to 1 tablet (10 to 20mg as tadalafil)
When to take
About 1 to 3 hours before sexual intercourse
Number of doses per day
Interval between doses

Please follow the above dose and take it with water or lukewarm water about 1 to 3 hours before sexual intercourse.

Please follow the above dose and take it with water or lukewarm water about 1 to 3 hours before sexual intercourse. The standard serving size of Tadalafil is 10mg. At the beginning of taking the medicine, it is advisable to cut one tablet in half with a pill cutter.

The effect will vary depending on your physique and constitution, so if you do not get a sufficient effect and side effects are not noticeable, you can take one tablet without any problems.

Precautions when taking

The maximum dose at a time is 1 tablet (20mg of tadalafil). Taking more will not increase the effect. On the contrary, it may lead to serious side effects, so be sure to follow the usage and dosage and use it correctly. Also, make sure to wait 24 hours between the first dose and the next dose.

V Tada Super is characterized by its long-lasting effect of about 30 to 36 hours, but if you keep the 24-hour interval, you can take the next tablet before the effect wears off.

The vasodilatory effects of tadalafil may lower blood pressure. Although it is temporary, side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, and visual disturbances have been reported, so please refrain from taking it before driving a car or performing dangerous work such as working at heights.

Active Ingredients of V Tada Super

Suppresses the action of PDE5, which hinders erection, and restores its original function.

Erectile dysfunction is caused by excessive degradation of cGMP (cyclic guansine-phosphate) by PDE5 (phosphodiesterase). cGMP dilates blood vessels, while PDE5 constricts blood vessels. During sexual intercourse, these two work in a well-balanced manner, resulting in repeated erection and contraction. However, when PDE5 is over-activated during sexual stimulation or excitement, cGMP will be degraded even if it tries to promote an erection.

Tadalafil inhibits the action of this PDE5, so cGMP exerts its original vasodilatory effect. As a result, more blood flows into the penis, making it easier to maintain an erection.

V Tada Super side effects

Major side effects

  • headache
  • hot flashes
  • Indigestion
  • motive
  • stuffy nose
  • sleepiness
  • dizziness, etc.

Most symptoms are caused by the active ingredient dilating blood vessels. The incidence of both cases is low, ranging from 2 to 11%, and these symptoms subside as the effects of the drugs wear off.

Rare side effects

  • persistent erections
  • rash
  • urticaria, etc.

Although very rare, a painful erection lasting more than 4 hours suggests priapism. Seek immediate medical attention, as delays in treatment may affect erectile function.

Precautions for V Tada Super

  • Careful administration
    • People with defects in penile structure (curvature, penile fibrosis, Peyronie’s disease, etc.)
    • People with blood disorders (such as multiple myeloma, leukemia, and sickle cell anemia)
    • People with bleeding disorders or peptic ulcers
    • People taking PDE5 inhibitors or other ED medications
    • People taking alpha-blockers (urapidil, terazisone, doxazicin, etc.)
    • over 65 years old
    • underage person
    • female person
  • Who should not use
    • People who have had hypersensitivity reactions to ingredients contained in V Tada Super in the past
    • Persons with heart problems who are considered inappropriate for sexual intercourse
    • People with uncontrolled arrhythmia, hypotension, or hypertension
    • Those who have had cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral infarction within 6 months
    • Those who have had myocardial infarction or angina pectoris within 3 months
    • people with severe liver damage
    • people with retinitis pigmentosa
  • Contraindicated drugs
    • nitrates and nitric oxide donors (nitroglycerin, amyl nitrite, isosorbide nitrate, nicorandil, etc.)
    • sGC stimulant riociguat (adempas)

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