Adapen Gel


Adapen gel is an acne treatment manufactured by Intaspharma.

Adapen gel is a generic drug of Adapen gel, which is famous as an acne treatment drug.

Acne is caused by excessive secretion of sebum, which clogs the pores and causes bacteria such as P. acnes to increase due to the sebum.

Effect Improvement of acne
Active ingredient Azelaic acid
Estimated delivery days 7~14 days
Target gender Unisex
Pharmaceutical company Intas Pharma


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About Adapen gel

Adapen Gel, manufactured by Intas Pharma, is a generic version of Differin Gel, a drug used to treat acne. The active ingredient adapalene strongly suppresses keratinization of the skin, which is a major cause of acne, and suppresses the onset and progression of acne. To explain the action in a little more detail, taking adapen gel suppresses the transformation of granule cells into keratinocytes in the skin. It can be said that this has the effect of directly removing clogged pores, which is not found in conventional treatments. Also, Adapen gel is especially effective for the early stages of acne, such as whiteheads and redheads, by reducing the blockage of small, invisible pores. It is characterized by the fact that it is a therapeutic drug that is more effective in suppressing the onset of acne in the early stages than in severe acne such as red acne with inflammation and suppuration.

A recommended acne remedy that treats and prevents acne, and leaves less acne scars.
  • Treatment effect can be expected for various types of acne.
  • When used for acne with early symptoms, acne scars are less likely to remain.
  • Since it is a generic drug, it can be purchased at a low price, and treatment costs can be saved.

Adapen Gel is a generic drug for the acne treatment Adapen gel, which has a track record of being prescribed as the first-choice drug for acne not only in USA but around the world.

The active ingredient adapalene contained in adapen gel has the effect of directly removing dirt from the pores that cause acne. It can be expected to have a high therapeutic effect on the initial symptoms of acne, and it can also be expected to have a preventive effect to prevent new acne from forming. It also has a therapeutic effect on red acne that has passed the initial symptoms and has become inflamed.

Features of Adapen Gel

Adapen Gel is manufactured by Intaspharma, one of the pharmaceutical manufacturers that mainly manufactures generic drugs, which is headquartered in India and established in 2006. Although the history of Intaspharma is still short, it is recognized internationally for its reliability, boasting a track record of receiving official approval from the departments that manage pharmaceuticals around the world, including the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

Adapen Gel is an acne treatment drug manufactured as a generic drug of Adapen gel, the first-line acne treatment drug. It is a type of topical medicine that is applied directly to the affected area where pimples are formed, and it has a particularly high therapeutic effect on early pimples such as white pimples and black pimplesBy using adapen gel early, there is a feature that acne scars are less likely to remain after the acne has healed.

In addition, the active ingredient adapalene contained in adapen gel has the effect of removing clogged pores and making them more difficult to clog, so it can be expected to prevent acne.

The same effect can be expected for adult acne that occurs after becoming an adult, so it is one of the acne treatment drugs that I would recommend to people of all ages who suffer from acne.

It has a very high therapeutic effect on early acne

Adapen Gel is an acne treatment drug that can be expected to have a high therapeutic effect on initial acne such as white acne and black acne among various acne symptoms.

One of the major causes of acne is clogged pores. When the pores are clogged due to excessive secretion of sebum, acne bacteria, the bacteria that cause acne, propagate in that place. Proliferated P. acnes causes inflammation in the pores, resulting in early stage acne.

The active ingredient adapalene contained in abapen gel has the function of removing clogged pores, and this function can prevent the growth of acne bacteria. As a result, it is possible to stop the progression of early acne, and the effect of improving symptoms can be expected.

By treating initial acne with Adapen Gel, it also has the characteristic of making the acne scars that appear after the acne has completely healed less noticeable. Adapalene is also effective in clogging small pores, so it can be expected to be effective in treating small whiteheads and blackheads that have not yet developed symptoms.

It also has a preventative effect by reducing skin keratinization and preventing pore clogging.

As mentioned above, the active ingredient of Adapen Gel, Adapalene, has the effect of removing clogged pores.

Along with this action, it also has the action of suppressing the keratinization of the skin. Keratinized skin often clogs pores, which leads to acne. Adapalene can eliminate one of the causes of acne from the root by suppressing the keratinization of the skin.

By working together, these two actions can be expected to have the effect of treating the cause of acne itself, and it also has a preventive effect to prevent new acne from forming.

In addition, by continuing to use adapen gel from the onset of the initial symptoms of acne until it is completely cured, it is possible to prevent new acne from forming in parallel with the treatment of acne.

However, even if you can prevent acne, please avoid using it continuously after the acne is completely cured. It is a preventive measure to prevent further increase during acne treatment, and please be aware that prolonged use may cause unexpected side effects.

Effects of Adapen gel


Improvement of symptoms of non-inflammatory acne (white acne, black acne), inflammatory acne (red acne) and adult acne.

Many of the acne treatments used in the mainstream have the effect of sterilizing acne bacteria that cause acne, and were intended to treat inflammation by suppressing inflammation. On the other hand, adapen gel is an acne treatment drug that has unprecedented effects that the active ingredient adapalene suppresses keratinization of the skin and eliminates clogging of pores.

It has a high therapeutic effect on white and black acne that develops in the early stages, but it can also be expected to be effective for red acne that has progressed and has become inflamed.

It also has a therapeutic effect on adult acne, so it can be used for a wide range of acne symptoms. Adapen gel has the effect of removing clogged pores as mentioned above, so it not only suppresses the progression of acne symptoms but also has a preventive effect.

However, since adapen gel is a drug that needs to be avoided for a long period of time, avoid using it for preventive purposes and stop using it immediately after the acne symptoms improve.

How to use Adapen gel

1 Dose
moderate amount
Number of doses per day
up to 1 time
When to use
Before bedtime

You can easily treat acne by simply applying it once a day before going to bed.

Adapen gel is applied to the affected area with acne symptoms once a day before going to bed. Before applying, wash your face and keep the affected area clean, and remove the moisture from the application area before applying. If you apply it with your finger, wash your finger thoroughly after applying.

The efficacy and safety of this product for pimples on areas other than the face have not been confirmed, so do not use it on areas other than the face. Also, it cannot be used on areas with scars other than acne, so be careful if there are scars near acne.

You can expect a therapeutic effect by continuing to apply it every day, but please avoid applying it twice the next day just because you forgot to apply it the day before. Make sure to use it once a day before going to bed.

If symptoms do not improve after 3 months of using adapen gel, stop using it and consult a doctor.

Active Ingredients of Adapen Gel

High therapeutic effect can be expected due to the effect of removing the cause of acne from the original

The active ingredient adapalene contained in adapen gel has the effect of strongly suppressing the keratinization of the skin that causes acne and the effect of removing dirt such as sebum that has clogged pores.

This action can stop the progression of initial acne and also prevent new acne from forming. Because of these effects, it is highly recommended as a treatment for early acne, which corresponds to white acne and black acne.

Also, even if the symptoms of acne improve with adapen gel, it may recur due to diet and lifestyle habits. It is important to treat when you have it, but if you have repeated recurrences of acne, let’s review your lifestyle along with skin care.

Adapen gel side effects

Major side effects

  • Skin itching/dryness, rashes, skin peeling, etc.

As a side effect of using adapen gel, it has been reported that the above symptoms appear at the application site. These symptoms often appear within 2 weeks from the start of use, but they are all mild and transient. If side effects continue for more than 2 weeks, stop using the product and consult a dermatologist.

Precautions for Adapen Gel

  • Careful administration
    • Those with sensitive skin
  • Persons who should not take
    • Those who have experienced hypersensitivity (anaphylactic shock) after using drugs containing adapalene in the past
    • Those who are pregnant or may be pregnant
    • Those who have cuts, abrasions, eczema, etc. near the acne site
  • Contraindicated drugs
  • There are no specific reports of drugs that should not be used together.
    However, if you have already been prescribed medication for acne by a dermatologist, please consult your doctor before starting to use adapen gel.

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