Melacare Cream 20g


MelaCare Cream 20g is a beauty cream sold by Ajanta Pharma.

It is expected that both skin turnover effect and whitening effect can be obtained.
Women in their 30s and 40s may develop dark spots on both cheeks due to female hormone imbalance. This is called liver spots.

MelaCare Cream is a beauty cream that can be expected to be very effective, as 85% of people have been shown an improvement effect in clinical trials.

Improvement of blemishes, wrinkles and acne
Active ingredient Hydroquinone, tretinoin, etc.
Estimated delivery days 7~14 days
Target gender Unisex
Pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma


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About MelaCare Cream 20g

Melacare Cream is a beauty cream containing three active ingredients. It contains “Mometasone furoate”, which is the second strongest from the top of the 5 ranks that indicate the effect (strength) of topical steroids.

Improve spots and wrinkles with 3 active ingredients. A beauty cream that can also be expected to have a whitening effect.
  • The active ingredient hydroquinone suppresses the melanin pigment that causes spots.
  • It can also be expected to be effective against spots caused by UV rays, insect bites, acne scars, and melasma.
  • Contains tretinoin, which is effective in improving both spots and wrinkles.

Active Ingredients of Melacare Cream 20g

Indications for Melacare Cream 20g

MelaCare Cream is a beauty cream that can be expected to improve blemishes and wrinkles, as well as whitening effects. It is manufactured by the Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma. Skin troubles include acne scars, pigmentation due to insect bites, age spots and wrinkles, etc. MelaCare Cream contains ingredients that are effective in improving these symptoms. The cream is easy to use and is applied directly to the skin. We will help you improve your skin concerns.

Features of MelaCare Cream 20g

MelaCare Cream is a cream that works with three active ingredients to improve wrinkles, insect bites, acne scars, and spots that appear with age. “Hydroquinone” prevents the deposition of “melanin pigment” that causes spots, “tretinoin” promotes skin turnover and is effective in increasing collagen, and steroidal inflammatory drug “mometasone furan” suppresses skin inflammation. Carboxylic acid ester” is the active ingredient, and it can be expected to have the effect of lightening conspicuous spots and wrinkles.

In order to suppress spots, it is very important that the “skin turnover (the mechanism by which skin cells are regularly reborn)” is normal. If the skin is healthy and the turnover is properly arranged, the melanin pigment that causes spots will naturally be discharged from the body. However, if the turnover is disturbed, the melanin pigment is not excreted and remains in the body and accumulates, depositing it and becoming spots.

In addition, when turnover is disturbed, the barrier function of the skin deteriorates, the skin loses its moisturizing power, the skin becomes dry, the firmness and luster are lost, and fine wrinkles become noticeable.

The active ingredients contained in MelaCare Cream have the effect of suppressing the production of melanin pigment and promoting skin turnover while suppressing inflammation.Effectively works on the skin to improve spots and wrinkles.

Hydroquinone prevents the formation and deposition of melanin pigment that causes spots.

“Melanin pigment” known as the cause of age spots. Melanin pigment plays a role in protecting the skin from UV damage. The reason why your skin turns black when you get sunburned is because your skin produces more melanin to protect it from UV damage. And the melanin pigment is generated other than the scene that protects the skin from UV Rays.

In today’s society, fatigue, stress, and lack of sleep are problems that many people face. Also, aging cannot be avoided. Such daily stress and aging cause an increase in active oxygen in the body. And when active oxygen increases, it acts on pigment cells (melanocytes) to activate the production of melanin pigment. If the melanin pigment just increases and is not properly discharged, the pigment will be deposited.

The active ingredient “hydroquinone” contained in MelaCare Cream suppresses the production of melanin pigment and has the effect of removing melanocytes. By preventing the increase of melanin pigment, it prevents pigmentation on the skin and improves the dullness of the skin.

There are various types of stains, and the process of staining is also different. Broadly speaking, spots caused by ultraviolet rays (sun pigmentation), spots left by burns, wounds, insect bites and acne scars (inflammatory pigmentation), and spots caused by female hormone imbalance (liver pigmentation) spots), etc. Hydroquinone can be expected to be effective in all of these spots. MelaCare Cream can prevent and improve these.

Tretinoin, which promotes skin turnover, works on both spots and wrinkles.

Normalizing “skin turnover” is essential for improving both spots and wrinkles. If the skin cells are reborn regularly, unnecessary things, waste products, and melanin pigments will be discharged from the body, preventing pigmentation and keeping the skin’s own moisturizing power, so it will be moisturized and healthy. It makes your skin smoother and wrinkles less noticeable.

The active ingredient tretinoin contained in MelaCare Cream works to promote skin turnover. When turnover is promoted, old keratin is easily peeled off, sebum secretion is suppressed, and pore clogging is improved. Then you can expect the effect of reducing the blackheads caused by clogged pores.

In addition, cell division of the skin is activated, and along with this, the melanin pigment made in the lowest layer of the epidermis (basal layer) is extruded and excreted from the body. In other words, normal skin turnover prevents darkening of pores and pigmentation, leading to a whitening effect. In addition, tretinoin promotes an increase in collagen in the skin.

Collagen is an essential substance that gives elasticity and moisture to the skin, and it also plays a major role in preventing and improving wrinkles. In this way, “tretinoin” promotes skin turnover, which is essential for skin health, and works to improve skin spots and wrinkles.

Effect of melacare cream 20g


  • Prevention and improvement of spots and wrinkles

MelaCare Cream is a beauty cream that prevents and improves wrinkles and blemishes, and can also be expected to have a whitening effect. Formulated with hydroquinone, which has the effect of suppressing the formation of melanin pigment that causes spots and preventing pigmentation.

It also contains tretinoin, which promotes skin turnover, and mometasone furoate, which suppresses inflammation, to prevent pigmentation. It can be used not only for blemishes, but also for insect bites and acne scars.

In addition, “tretinoin” is also effective in increasing collagen, and is an effective ingredient not only for spots but also for wrinkles. MelaCare Cream is a powerful ally for those who suffer from blemishes and wrinkles.

How to use MelaCare Cream 20g

1 Dose
moderate amount
When to use
night (before bedtime)
Number of uses per day

If you are using it for the first time, please do a patch test before using. After washing your face, apply a lotion (alcohol-free recommended), then apply a thin layer to areas where stains and wrinkles stand out. Do not apply it all over your face. Also avoid areas with thin skin around the eyes, mouth, and lips.

Precautions when using

Topical steroids are classified into five levels of strength, and Melacare Cream is classified into the second strongest category among the five levels. Those in this category are usually used in severe cases or areas of thickened skin. Therefore, do not use it on areas with thin skin.

Be sure to do a patch test before use, and do not use it continuously for more than a week. Do not use for a long period of time longer than 3 months.

The active ingredient of Melacare Cream, hydroquinone, may increase the production of melanin when exposed to ultraviolet light, so take sun protection while using this product. Also, tretinoin has been reported to cause dryness and flaking, so be sure to moisturize.

Active Ingredients of MelaCare Cream 20g

“Hydroquinone” suppresses the melanin pigment that causes blemishes and prevents pigmentation

The active ingredient of MelaCare Cream, hydroquinone, works on the pigment cells (melanocytes) that cause blemishes and suppresses the production of melanin pigment, which is the cause of blemishes.

When the skin is exposed to UV rays, melanocytes produce melanin to protect the skin. In order to make melanin pigment, an enzyme called “tyrosinase” that melanocytes originally have works, but hydroquinone suppresses the activation of this tyrosinase. In addition, hydroquinone not only suppresses the activity of tyrosinase, but also has the property of removing the melanin pigment that has already been formed and reducing the melanocytes themselves.

melacare cream 20g side effects

Major side effects

  • Rash
  • itch
  • redness
  • dry skin
  • crack
  • peel off
  • Vitiligo etc.

The application may dry out, causing itching and cracking of the skin. If you feel that the effect is too strong or if you feel any abnormality on your skin, discontinue use and consult a doctor immediately.

Rare side effects

  • blisters
  • such as a burning sensation on the skin

The side effects that appear also differ depending on the constitution of the individual. If you feel that it does not suit your skin, or if you feel any abnormality on your skin, discontinue use and consult a doctor immediately.

MelaCare Cream 20g Precautions

  • Careful administration
  • The following people should be careful when taking this medicine.
    • senior citizen
    • child
  • Persons who should not take
  • The following people cannot use this medicine.
    • Those who are pregnant or may become pregnant
    • breastfeeding person
    • People who have had an allergic reaction to the ingredients contained in MelaCare Cream
    • People with bacterial, fungal, spirochete, viral skin infections and animal skin diseases
    • People with eczematous otitis externa with eardrum perforation
    • People with ulcers (excluding Behcet’s disease)
    • People with burns deeper than 2nd degree
    • frostbitten person
  • Contraindicated drugs
    • nothing special

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Country of origin

Estimated time of arrival
7-14 days

  • Delivery may be delayed due to weather in the country of origin or holidays of vendors in the country of origin.
  • Delivery may be delayed in some areas such as remote islands and remote islands.

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