Canesten Cream 30g


Canesten Cream 30g is an antifungal drug developed and marketed by Bayer.

The efficacy is clotrimazole, which is also manufactured and sold by Bayer as Canesten Cream 30g in USA.

Canesten Cream 30g can be obtained at pharmacies overseas, but it is not sold in USA.

The active ingredient, clotrimazole, is an imidazole-based antifungal agent that is widely used in medical settings due to its excellent antibacterial action.

Improvement of skin candidiasis, ringworm, etc.
Active ingredient Clotrimazole
Estimated delivery days 7~14 days
Target gender Unisex
Pharmaceutical company Bayer


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About Canesten Cream 30g

Canesten Cream is an antifungal drug that can be expected to be effective against candidiasis and athlete’s foot peculiar to women.

Applying it directly to the affected area suppresses the growth of fungi and alleviates unpleasant symptoms such as inflammation and itching. In addition, using it before onset also helps prevent recurrence. If you have symptoms such as vaginal discharge, odor, or itchiness, please try it. This product is a cream type that can be applied directly to the affected area.

It improves itching and unpleasant vaginal discharge caused by candidiasis, and powerfully kills the fungus that causes it.
  • Reliable medicine manufactured by Bayer, Germany.
  • A highly effective antifungal agent acts on the affected area.
  • You can easily treat it with cream medicine anytime!

Canesten Cream is a treatment for candidiasis, a venereal disease. This is an antifungal drug that suppresses Candida by applying a cream-like drug directly to the affected area. It can be used on both male and female genitalia to relieve the distressing symptoms of candidiasis.

Features of Canesten Cream 30g

Canesten Cream is characterized by its strong bactericidal power and the convenience and safety of being a cream medicine.

The main ingredient clotrimazole, which is also used to treat athlete’s foot, strongly binds to fungal cells and inhibits the synthesis of cell membranes. This action destroys the fungus and inhibits its reproduction.

In addition, since it is an ointment rather than an oral medicine, it can be used safely, and even if it develops opportunistically due to physical condition, it can be quickly applied and treated.

Reliable bactericidal effect improves symptoms! Please try it before you worry

Canesten Cream 30g is an antifungal drug that is effective against symptoms caused by Candida. Candidiasis is an infectious disease that is particularly common in women, and can cause unpleasant symptoms such as itching, pain, and discharge in the genitals.

Candida fungi, which is a fungal companion, breeds and develops in the vulva and cervix. In the vagina of women, lactic acid bacteria normally prevent the growth of bad bacteria. When Candida is transmitted from a partner as a sexually transmitted disease, symptoms appear when Candida becomes dominant over the action of lactic acid bacteria.

Candida infection results in eczema and a cloudy, sticky crust from the eczema. The rash, itching, burning, and swelling of the affected area can keep you up at night.

Not only women but also men’s reproductive organs are infected, but since Candida tends to thrive in damp places, it is an infection that women are more susceptible to. At onset, there is itching from the female genitalia to the anal area.

Canesten Cream sterilizes this Candida fungus and suppresses its growth. This cream is also known as a medicine that is effective against fungi such as athlete’s foot, ringworm, and ringworm, and its bactericidal effect is guaranteed. Many people are realizing its effectiveness.

Since it is a fungal infection, simply keeping the affected area clean will not improve the symptoms, and it is necessary to sterilize it with medicine. If you feel symptoms, please treat with this cream.

Easy to obtain, easy to use, safe and secure ointment

Canesten Cream 30g is a drug developed, manufactured and sold by Bayer, a global pharmaceutical company in Germany. As a drug handled by a major pharmaceutical manufacturer, it is a reliable drug that is sold all over the world and has many regular users in USA.

The dosage form is a cream, not a type to be taken, so there is no anxiety or worry about taking the drug into the body. Since it is a type in which the cream is applied to the affected area, it has the advantage of being safer and easier to use than taking it.

Candidiasis is mainly transmitted through sexual intercourse, but it is said that even if you think you are cured, it often recurs, and in many cases the fungus has not been completely killed.

In addition, there are cases in which symptoms do not develop even if infected. Symptoms often appear when the balance with lactic acid bacteria, which suppresses Candida, is disrupted due to stress, etc.

Such recurrences and onsets due to the balance of the body come suddenly, so Canesten Cream, which can be easily purchased as a cream medicine and kept at hand, is a safe and secure medicine that can be used immediately when needed.

It also removes mental stress when you are itchy and can’t sleep, when you have to go to an important job, or when you have work to concentrate on.

Effects of Canesten Cream 30g


It eliminates the itching and white discharge characteristic of candidiasis, and restores the skin to its original state. Sterilizes Candida and suppresses growth and infection.

It is a highly effective drug that kills fungi and inhibits their growth. Controls the itching, swelling and sticky white spots that are symptoms of candidiasis. Genital inflammation can be very uncomfortable and difficult to treat, but applying it can help.

It is also effective against athlete’s foot and ringworm caused by Candida, and early prescription can prevent infection to others. Candida can infect other people by sharing towels and slippers, and when the affected area is scratched due to itching, the fungus spreads to the surrounding area and the affected area expands. Treating the affected area with Canesten Cream, which has a bactericidal effect, can prevent the spread of infection.

If the symptoms of candidiasis improve, the skin condition will improve and the original skin will return to its appearance. Improving the appearance relieves the patient’s stress and removes the mental burden.

How to use Canesten Cream 30g

1 Dose
0.5g (length of first joint of index finger)
Number of uses per day
up to 2-3 times
Period of use
continue for 6 days

Use in a wide range, please continue to use for about a month

First, clean the affected area and apply the cream to a wider area than the affected area. Use 2-3 times a day.

Symptoms will subside within 1-2 weeks. However, even if the symptoms subside, continue treatment for about a month to kill the fungus that has penetrated deep into the skin. This is because it takes one month for the skin to regenerate.

If you forget to apply the cream, apply the cream each time, but do not apply two doses at once.

Active Ingredients of Canesten Cream 30g

The active ingredient clotrimazole has both strong bactericidal activity and safety.

The active ingredient, clotrimazole, is an antifungal drug that is effective against fungi. This medicine binds to fungal cells and inhibits cell membrane synthesis by inhibiting the action of ergosterol, which constitutes the cell membrane. This is how clotrimazole has its bactericidal effect.

There are almost no strong side effects. Irritation, skin inflammation, erythema, and papules have been reported as side effects, but clotrimazole is highly safe and can be used safely.

As this medicine is used for sensitive areas, if you feel any abnormality or have any side effects, stop using Canesten Cream 30g and consult a doctor. In addition, if you have allergies or have had any abnormalities due to the use of antifungal drugs in the past, please consult your doctor before use.

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7-14 days

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  • Delivery may be delayed in some areas such as remote islands and remote islands.

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