Cobix 200mg Capsule


It is an anti-inflammatory drug that reduces swelling, pain and redness. Cobix 200mg is ​​a generic version of Celecox. Copics suppresses the synthesis of prostaglandin, a substance that causes pain, and reduces pain attacks. Prostaglandin is a substance that occurs in various painful injuries and diseases, so it is an oral drug that is widely used as a pain reliever.

Anti-inflammatory analgesia, improvement of rheumatism, improvement of arthritis, etc.
Active ingredient Celecoxib
Estimated delivery days 7~14 days
Target gender unisex
Pharmaceutical company Cipla

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About Cobix 200mg

Cobix 200mg is ​​an analgesic that is effective in relieving pain. It not only relieves pain, but also relieves symptoms such as inflammation, swelling and redness. The main effects are rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, low back pain, shoulder periarthritis, anti-inflammatory after tooth extraction, and pain reliever. Cobix 200mg also has fewer side effects than conventional drugs. Please note that we do not treat the cause of illness.

Anti-inflammatory analgesic to relieve pain
  • Good anti-inflammatory action
  • Can be taken after meals as it is less burdensome to the stomach and intestines
  • Effective in chronic pain

Cobix 200mg is ​​an anti-inflammatory analgesic manufactured and sold by Cipla, India’s largest pharmaceutical company, and is a generic drug of Celecox.

“Cobix 200mg” is suitable as a household medicine because it is indicated for various diseases that involve pain. Also, since it is a generic drug made in India, it is cheaper than over-the-counter pain relievers purchased in USA.

In terms of analgesic effect, the original drug Celecox is a prescription drug prescribed by medical institutions in USA, so it is more effective than over-the-counter pain relievers. (Domestic Celecox cannot be purchased without a prescription.)

Cobix 200mg Features

This medicine suppresses the production of prostaglandins that cause pain, so it has the effect of suppressing various pains. It also soothes inflammation and reduces swelling and redness in a short time.

Anti-inflammatory analgesics tend to have strong side effects, but when acetaminophen and celecoxib, which are said to have relatively few side effects, are compared, the side effects are the same, and celecoxib (Copics) has a superior analgesic effect. clinical data have been reported.

Especially since it does little damage to the digestive system, there is no need to take it after meals, and it is useful as a supplement for sudden pain. However, you may feel mild abdominal pain or bloating, so drink plenty of water at the same time.

Make the effects of prescription medicines into household medicines!

Celecox, the original drug of “Cobix 200mg”, is a drug approved by the USA Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, but it is an ethical drug and cannot be purchased at drugstores.

However, Cobix 200mg is ​​a drug made in India and can be purchased online. It is highly effective among pain relievers and is an excellent pain reliever with a low risk of side effects, so it is recommended as a household medicine.

“Copics” has the effect of selecting a substance called COX-2, which is involved in the inflammatory response, and inhibiting its action. Since it has almost no effect on COX-1, which is involved in the regulation of physiological activities in the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys, it is thought to have relatively few side effects that cause gastrointestinal disorders and renal dysfunction.

However, long-term use may cause cardiovascular damage, so please consult your doctor before long-term use for rheumatoid arthritis. In this case, the original drug, Celecox, will be prescribed, so please use “Copics” as a pain reliever.

The risk of side effects is small, but not zero. If you have any chronic disease and are currently receiving treatment, please take it according to the instructions of your doctor or pharmacist.

Also, please refrain from using painkillers and antipyretics if you have had allergies or asthma in the past.

Effective within 1 hour after taking

“Copics” takes effect about an hour after taking it. In addition, there are 100 mg and 200 mg types of active ingredients, but the higher the amount, the stronger the effect and side effects.

The maximum dose is 200mg at a time, but the dose can be increased up to 400mg if traumatic inflammation is severe, such as after trauma or tooth extraction.

Do not drive a car or operate heavy machinery after taking this medicine during the day, as side effects such as drowsiness may occur after taking this medicine.

For chronic pain, take 100mg at a time, and for acute pain, take 200mg at a time. Please take 4 weeks as a guideline.

If pain persists for more than 4 weeks, seek medical attention for appropriate treatment.

Although it does not work as quickly as ibuprofen, it has a high analgesic effect, so it is recommended for people who feel that over-the-counter pain relievers sold in USA are not effective.

Cobix 200mg effect


  • analgesic
  • Anti-inflammatory and antipyretic action

For acute fever, pain, or swelling, take 200mg. For chronic pain, take 100mg at a time.

In USA, you can purchase 100mg and 200mg (each containing 10 tablets), but 100mg is recommended because it is easier to control the amount.

There is little burden on the stomach and intestines, so there is no need to eat anything when taking this medicine.

The dose can be increased up to 400mg if the pain reliever prescribed by the medical institution has run out due to tooth extraction, trauma, surgery, or day surgery, but the dose can be increased up to 200mg twice (with an interval of at least 6 hours). Please) If you need to drink more than this, please consult the medical institution where you have been treated as the wound may be suppurated.

How to take Cobix 200mg

1 Dose
1 tablet or 2 tablets (200mg as “celecoxib”)
Number of doses per day
up to 2 times
Dosing interval
6 hours or more

Dose can be adjusted according to symptoms and condition

For sudden fever or pain, take 200mg at a time. In general, for adults, take 100 to 200mg at a time.

For rheumatoid arthritis, take 100mg to 200mg twice a day. For other painful diseases, take up to 100mg twice a day. However, if symptoms persist for more than 4 weeks, please consult your doctor.

Take up to twice a day for both internal use and tonyo.

About the Active Ingredients of Cobix 200mg


Celecoxib, the main ingredient of Copics, is a new anti-inflammatory analgesic ingredient. It suppresses the production of prostaglandins that cause inflammation, and it has a strong effect on the COX (cyclooxygenase) type 2 enzyme, which is particularly involved in the synthesis of prostaglandins.

When COX2 activity is suppressed, the production of prostaglandins is hindered, resulting in the inability to feel pain. There are two types of COX, type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is an enzyme that works mainly in the digestive system and kidneys to regulate physiological responses.

Old-fashioned painkillers also act on COX1, so they tended to cause digestive symptoms and renal dysfunction, but Copics have little effect on COX1, so they have the advantage of having fewer side effects.

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