Febucip 40mg Tablet


Febucip 40mg is a uric acid-lowering drug manufactured and sold by major pharmaceutical company Cipla, which is effective for gout and hyperuricemia.

Since it is said to have the strongest effect among drugs with similar effects, it boasts the top market share as a treatment for gout and hyperuricemia, and is still used by many patients today. increase.

Improvement of hyperuricemia, prevention of gout
Active ingredient febuxostat
Estimated delivery days 7~14 days
Target gender unisex
Pharmaceutical company Cipla

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About Febucip 40mg

Hyperuricemia is a condition in which the level of uric acid in the blood is high.In such a condition, uric acid crystallizes and accumulates in the joints, irritating them from the inside, resulting in so-called gout.

The name gout is derived from the fact that it hurts even when the wind blows, but when gout gets worse, it accompanies very severe pain in various parts of the body.

Uric acid is produced from purines, which are well known to be the cause of gout, through several types of metabolism. prevent. Exacerbation of hyperuricemia can lead not only to gout, but also to renal failure and urinary calculi.

It goes without saying that you should exercise moderately and avoid overeating and drinking too much, but if you are concerned about your uric acid level as a result of a health checkup, it is advisable to take early measures. Febucip 40mg is a useful drug in such cases.

It features a strong uric acid lowering action and few side effects! Generic of USA treatment drug Febucip 40mg
  • After 16 weeks of administration, 90% of patients were below the reference value for hyperuricemia.
  • Can be taken by patients with mild to moderate renal impairment.
  • It is non-purine and has less drug interactions than conventional therapeutic agents.

Febucip 40mg is a hyperuricemia treatment drug manufactured by Cipla, a major Indian pharmaceutical company, and is a generic of Fabric Tablets. Febuxostat, an active ingredient shared with Febucip 40mg, lowers uric acid levels in the blood and urine, making it possible to prevent symptoms such as gout and urinary calculi caused by high uric acid.

Febucip 40mg, the brand-name drug, was developed in-house by Teijin Pharma in USA, and is now used by millions of people around the world to treat hyperuricemia. The effectiveness of Febucip 40mg with the same active ingredient is also very reliable.

Features of Febucip 40mg

The most distinctive feature of Febucip 40mg is that it has a higher uric acid lowering effect than conventional therapeutic agents.

Until febuxostat, the active ingredient of Febucip 40mg, was developed, allopurinol was the main drug used to treat hyperuricemia. Allopurinol is still widely prescribed, but febuxostat, the active ingredient of Febucip 40mg, outperforms febuxostat in lowering uric acid levels after continuous administration.

When febuxostat and allopurinol were taken daily at maintenance doses of 40mg and 200mg, respectively, and the rate of change in serum uric acid levels after 8 weeks was compared, allopurinol was -35.2%, while febuxostat was -41.5% reported.

Furthermore, after 16 weeks of daily administration of febuxostat 40mg and allopurinol 300mg, the achievement rate of serum uric acid level below 6.0mg/dL (hyperuricemia was diagnosed at 7.0mg/dL) was 73.7% with allopurinol, Stat was 90.0%.

Febucip 40mg is a highly effective therapeutic drug that can be recommended even to those who have not seen a decrease in uric acid levels by taking allopurinol.

It is a hepatic excretion type and can be taken by patients with mild to moderate renal impairment.

Another difference between Febucip 40mg and the conventional treatment, Allopurinol, is the method of excretion.

Normally, when a drug is absorbed into the body, it passes through both the liver and kidneys before being excreted.

When metabolized in the liver, it loses its efficacy and excreted in the urine for less than 40% of the unchanged drug is called the hepatic excretion (biliary excretion) type. On the other hand, when more than 60% of the drug passes through the kidneys unchanged, it is called renal excretion.

Allopurinol is a drug that is excreted by the kidneys, making it difficult for patients with impaired renal function to take.

However, febuxostat, which is the active ingredient of Febucip 40mg, is excreted by the liver and can be taken by patients with to moderate renal impairment.

It is an ingredient that does not have a purine skeleton, so there is little concern about side effects.

Allopurinol, which has long been prescribed as a therapeutic agent for hyperuricemia, has a molecular structure called a purine skeleton that is common to xanthine, a precursor of uric acid.

Therefore, when allopurinol is present in the body, an enzyme called xanthine oxidase, which breaks down xanthine into uric acid, also reacts with allopurinol. Allopurinol suppresses the production of uric acid by this competitive inhibitory action.

However, due to the structure of this purine skeleton, allopurinol has a disadvantage in that it affects not only xanthine oxidase, which is involved in uric acid production, but also other nucleic acid-metabolizing enzymes.

On the other hand, febuxostat, the active ingredient of febuxostat, does not have a purine skeleton. Therefore, it has less influence on metabolic enzymes other than xanthine oxidase, and has less drug interactions than allopurinol.

It is less likely to affect other nucleic acid synthesis, and side effects such as anemia, liver damage, and renal damage reported with allopurinol are less likely to occur.

Effect of Febucip 40mg


Improvement of hyperuricemia and prevention of associated gout and urinary tract stones.

Febucip 40mg lowers uric acid levels in the blood and urine, preventing gout attacks and urinary tract stones.

Gout is caused when excess uric acid is not properly excreted and remains in the blood, eventually crystallizing and depositing in the joints. There are two ways to treat gout, one is to suppress the production of uric acid and the other is to promote the excretion of uric acid.

It should be noted that Febucip 40mg has the effect of lowering uric acid levels and preventing gout attacks, but it does not have the effect of stopping gout attacks that have already occurred.

Therefore, Febucip 40mg can be taken continuously to lower uric acid levels, and in the unlikely event of a gout attack, a non-steroidal or steroidal anti-inflammatory drug can be used. The appropriate anti-inflammatory drug will vary depending on your constitution and whether you have a chronic disease, so please consult your doctor or pharmacist once.

How to take Febucip 40mg

1 Dose
0.25 tablet ~ (10mg ~ as febuxostat)
When to take
after meals
Number of doses per day
Interval between doses
24 hours

About when to take

Febucip 40mg should be taken once a day at the same time. Since it is not affected by food, it can be taken before, after, or between meals.

For adults, start with 10mg of febuxostat, the active ingredient, and then gradually increase the dose while checking changes in blood uric acid levels. In general, the dose is increased to 20mg after 2 weeks, and to 40mg after 6 weeks, and the maintenance dose is 40mg of febuxostat at a time. After that, adjust the dose appropriately according to the symptoms. The maximum daily dose is 60mg of febuxostat and should not be exceeded.

In addition, when used for the treatment of hyperuricemia associated with cancer chemotherapy, adults should take 60mg of febuxostat once a day until 5 days after the start of chemotherapy. After that, the duration of administration may be extended depending on the state of uric acid level.

Active Ingredients of Febucip 40mg

Febuxostat blocks the action of the enzyme that produces uric acid.

Febuxostat, the active ingredient in Febucip 40mg, is classified as a non-purine selective xanthine oxidase inhibitor.

Uric acid, the causative agent of hyperuricemia, is a metabolite produced when purines are broken down in the liver. 20% of purines are obtained from food and 80% are synthesized in the body. Purines are broken down by a metabolic enzyme called xanthine oxidase, and after passing through substances called hypoxanthine and xanthine, uric acid is finally produced.

Febuxostat works by inhibiting the action of xanthine oxidase. This inhibitory action suppresses the production of uric acid from purines and lowers uric acid levels.

Febucip 40mg Side Effects

Major side effects

Joint pain, limb discomfort, numbness in limbs, dizziness, diarrhea, etc.

If you experience minor side effects such as physical symptoms such as joint pain or numbness due to taking Febucip 40mg, stop taking this medicine and consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Rare side effects

Palpitations, headache, hives, malaise, liver dysfunction, etc.

Although very rare, symptoms such as rashes such as hives and liver dysfunction may occur. If you experience any physical discomfort while taking Febucip 40mg, stop taking it and consult a doctor.

Febucip 40mg Precautions

  • Careful administration
    • people using vidarabine
    • People taking didanosine
    • people with renal impairment
    • people with liver dysfunction
    • Seniors over 65 years old
    • children under the age of 15
    • pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Persons who should not take
    • People with a history of hypersensitivity to febuxostat
    • People taking mercaptorin hydrate or azathioprine
  • Contraindicated drugs
    • Mercaptopurine hydrate (Leukeline)
    • Azathioprine (Imuran, Azanine)

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