Kamagra Polo


Kamagra POLO is an erectile dysfunction drug developed by Ajanta Pharma.

Kamagra POLO is a chewable medicine that can be chewed in the mouth or dissolved on the tongue.

The flavor is fruity and can be taken like Ramune. One of the attractions is that it is absorbed faster than tablet-type Kamagra.

Effect ED Improvement
Active ingredient Sildenafil
Estimated delivery days 7~14 days
Target gender Male
Pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma


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About Kamagra POLO

Can be taken without water! Fruity taste and very easy to drink ED remedy
  • Safe because it contains sildenafil, the same ingredient as Viagra.
  • It can be taken without water, so it can be used easily anywhere.
  • Although it is cheaper than Viagra, the effect lasts for 4 to 6 hours when taken.

Active Ingredients of Kamagra POLO

Indications for Kamagra POLO

Kamagra POLO is an ED drug on the market as a generic drug of Viagra, which contains sildenafil as the active ingredient, the same as Viagra, the most famous ED drug.

Kamagra POLO contains 100 mg of the active ingredient sildenafil per tablet, so it is recommended for those who have used Viagra 25 mg or 50 mg in the past but did not feel the effect.

It is cheaper than Viagra, can be taken without water, and once taken, the effect lasts for 4 to 6 hours, making it a very easy-to-use drug. Kamagra POLO is said to be less affected by food when taking it.

However, the drug is most effective when taken on an empty stomach, so it is recommended to take it on an empty stomach as much as possible.

Features of Kamagra POLO

The best feature of Kamagra POLO is that it can be taken without water, and it is an ED drug with a fruity flavor, which is very rare for ED drugs.

it is an ED drug with a fruity flavor, which is very rare for ED (erectile dysfunctiondrugs).

Currently, there are many ED drugs on the market, but none of them have a taste, so it is difficult to take. Kamagra POLO eliminates this drawback by adding fruit flavor, and can be taken by dissolving with saliva or by chewing.

Also, the main ingredient, sildenafil itself, does not have an aphrodisiac-like effect, so you can rest assured that your penis will not erect on its own unless you give it sexual stimulation.

You can buy cheaper than Viagra

Kamagra POLO is the world’s first generic Viagra drug for the treatment of ED. Generic drugs have the same effect as the original drug (Viagra in this case) and are cheaper, but Kamagra POLO can be purchased at a lower price than Viagra.

Some people may be worried that it is cheap, but it is manufactured by a major pharmaceutical company called Ajanta Pharma, which is headquartered in India.

Ajanta Pharma is an international company that focuses on the manufacture of generic drugs, and is an internationally trusted company that has received generic manufacturing certification in the United States.

In addition, generic drugs themselves must pass strict national tests before they can be approved, so you can use them with peace of mind.

Because it is shaped like a lozenge, you can take it secretly without being noticed.

Kamagra POLO is in the shape of a lozenge, and it looks like two flavors are layered in one tablet, so even if you do not know it, it looks just like a lozenge.

It has a fruit flavor and can be chewed and taken without water, so you can take it secretly without the other person knowing. If you take it 30 minutes to 1 hour before sexual activity, the effect will last for 4 to 6 hours, so you can enjoy a fulfilling time with your partner.

As a precaution, there is a maximum of 1 tablet per day, so do not abuse it even though it is easy to take. After taking one dose, be sure to take it at least 24 hours apart.

Effects of Kamagra POLO


  • ED improvement
  • Promotes smooth erections and helps maintain erections

How to take Kamagra POLO

1 Dose
1 tablet, 1/2 tablet, or 1/4 tablet (100mg, 50mg, or 25mg as “sildenafil citrate”)
Number of doses per day
Up to 1 tablet at a time
Dosing interval
Timing of taking
30 minutes to 1 hour before sexual activity

If you take this medicine on an empty stomach, you can expect a high effect, so please wait at least 2 hours after eating before taking this medicine.

From 1/2 tablet or 1/4 tablet when taking for the first time

The dosage of sildenafil approved in USA is 25mg or 50mg, but Kamagra POLO contains 100mg per tablet. If you are taking the medicine for the first time, it is recommended that you divide it into 1/2 or 1/4 and take it instead of taking 1 tablet at once.

Diet effect

Kamagra POLO can be taken by dissolving it with saliva or chewing it like a lozenge, so the active ingredient is absorbed through the sublingual mucosa. For this reason, there are reports that it is less affected by food than other ED drugs.

However, you can expect the greatest effect when you take this medicine on an empty stomach, even though the effect is minimal.

Effects of alcohol

Although it is not prohibited to take Kamagra POLO at the same time as alcohol, alcohol itself can cause erectile dysfunction. Don’t let it affect you

Although it is not prohibited to take Kamagra POLO at the same time as alcohol, alcohol itself can cause erectile dysfunction. Don’t let it affect you.

Active Ingredients of Kamagra POLO

High effect can be expected with 100mg of active ingredient sildenafil.

The active ingredient sildenafil contained in Kamagra POLO is the same as “Viagra”, the most famous ED treatment drug, and has the effect of inhibiting the action of the enzyme PDE5 (phosphodiesterase 5) in the penis.

PDE5 has the function of inhibiting the dilation of blood vessels and is normally released at the end of sexual intercourse and has the function of quenching an erection. increase.

Sildenafil works by inhibiting PDE5 activity, promoting vasodilation and increasing blood flow to maintain an erection.

Kamagra POLO side effects

Major side effects

  • Hot flashes, headache, palpitations, dizziness, gastrointestinal disorders, insomnia, etc.

Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Kamagra POLO, has been reported to cause side effects such as hot flashes, headaches, and dizziness due to its vasodilating action. All of these symptoms are mild, and in most cases these side effects subside when the effects of Kamagra POLO wear off.

Rare side effects

  • visual impairment, etc.

The active ingredient, sildenafil, also reduces the blood supply to the optic nerve, which can, in rare cases, cause sudden visual disturbances. When the effect of the drug wears off, the visual disturbance will be cured, but if the visual disturbance occurs while driving a car, etc., it may cause an accident, so please refrain from driving after taking this medicine.

Kamagra POLO Precautions

Careful administration
If any of the following apply to you, please consult your doctor before use.

  • Those who have experienced hypersensitivity (anaphylactic shock) from taking drugs containing sildenafil in the past
  • Those with heart disease
  • Those with high or low blood pressure
  • Those who have had a cerebral infarction or cerebral hemorrhage
  • People with kidney disease
  • people with anemia
  • Those with leukemia
  • people with diabetes
Persons who should not take
  • Those with liver dysfunction
  • Those with renal dysfunction
  • People with heart disease that restrict strenuous exercise
Contraindicated drugs
  • nitrates such as nitroglycerin
  • Vasodilators such as riociguat

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Country of origin

Estimated time of arrival
7-14 days

  • Delivery may be delayed due to weather in the country of origin or holidays of vendors in the country of origin.
  • Delivery may be delayed in some areas such as remote islands and remote islands

Additional information

Pack Size

20 Tablet/s, 40 Tablet/s, 60 Tablet/s, 80 Tablet/s


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