Nicorette Gum 2mg


Nicorette Gum 2mg is a smoking cessation aid developed by the Swedish company McNeil.

It is a nicotine preparation that is different from cigarettes, and when you feel irritated or want to smoke due to nicotine deficiency, you can chew one slowly over time and it will be gradually absorbed through the mucous membrane of your mouth. It will reduce your cravings.

Alleviation of withdrawal symptoms when quitting smoking
Active ingredient nicotine
Estimated delivery days 7~14 days
Target gender unisex
Pharmaceutical company Macneil

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Characteristics of Nicorette Gum 2mg

Nicorette Gum is a nicotine gum (smoking cessation aid) for those who want to quit smoking. It alleviates “withdrawal symptoms” such as frustration and lack of concentration when quitting smoking, and leads to the achievement of reasonable smoking cessation. It is said that a very small amount of nicotine enters the body when taken, and the symptoms of nico

tine deficiency are alleviated. A small amount of tar gradually improves tobacco dependence, so it is highly rated as a way to quit smoking without difficulty. If you are not confident about quitting smoking, please try it.

Say goodbye to smoking with gum! Experience quitting smoking without endurance or pain
  • For those who really want to quit smoking! Medications to control nicotine dependence.
  • Just buy at a pharmacy or convenience store! Start today.
  • It’s easy to continue because it’s a gum that you just put in your mouth.


Smoking cessation aid for nicotine dependent smokers.

Alleviation of withdrawal and withdrawal symptoms when quitting smoking, reduction of desire to smoke.

Many smokers are aware that smoking is bad for their health and that the rising cost of cigarettes puts pressure on their household budgets. And many people want to quit smoking. However, when you quit smoking, you will suffer from nicotine withdrawal symptoms, so it is difficult to quit smoking.

Nicorette gum is a medicine that relieves the frustration and weakness that are painful nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Even if you give up smoking, you will not suffer from these symptoms, so it is a medicine that helps you to get out of the habit of smoking without difficulty.

Since it is a smoking cessation aid, it does not directly reduce smoking cessation. The quickest way to successfully quit smoking is to reduce the amount of Nicorette gum you take while adhering to the dosage and usage instructions under a proper plan.

About Nicorette Gum 2mg

Nicorette Gum is a smoking cessation drug. Gum that contains nicotine. By ingesting nicotine from gum instead of cigarettes, you can break the habit of smoking while suppressing withdrawal symptoms. After that, by reducing the amount of Nicorette gum used, it is a drug aimed at weaning yourself from nicotine dependence.

It is an over-the-counter smoking cessation aid manufactured by Johnson & Johnson and marketed by Takeda Consumer Healthcare.

Control your nicotine addiction with gum! Take at your own pace

In the case of smoking cessation treatment, nicotine is taken not from cigarettes but from smoking cessation drugs, and by systematically controlling nicotine dependence, successful smoking cessation is achieved. When you quit smoking, you usually experience withdrawal symptoms due to nicotine withdrawal. Craving a cigarette, being dizzy and unable to concentrate, being irritated by little things.

Taking deep breaths and chewing over-the-counter gum have been suggested as ways to deal with these withdrawal symptoms, but nicotine addiction is difficult to control with such comfort. Nicotine is ingested with smoking cessation aids instead of cigarettes, and the amount of aids is gradually reduced.

In the case of failure in smoking cessation treatment, there are cases where the body could not keep up with the sudden attempt to quit smoking. Even if you quit smoking altogether and try to stop smoking by force of will, your addiction will not improve. If you smoke uncontrollably, it will be difficult to continue smoking cessation afterwards. It is very important to reduce the amount of nicotine gradually and adjust yourself physically and psychologically to a life without nicotine (nicotine replacement method).

Smoking cessation drugs for such treatment include patches that allow nicotine to penetrate through the skin, but Nicorette gum is a type of gum that allows nicotine to be ingested from the oral cavity. It is easier than a patch and can be used anywhere. Decrease the number of gums you chew per day according to the instructions. The period of use of the gum is about 3 months.

You can quit smoking by yourself! get started now

Efforts to quit smoking should not be considered as mere “improvement of habit”, but rather as “addiction”, and treatment for improving the symptoms is generally called “smoking cessation treatment”. In addition, the number of hospitals that have “smoking cessation outpatient departments” that handle these treatments has increased.

Since it is a treatment, you will have to be prescribed medicine at the hospital and follow the doctor’s instructions until the condition improves. Since 2006, this smoking cessation treatment has been covered by health insurance, and the burden on patients has been greatly reduced.

However, the hurdles to going to the hospital are still high, and it is difficult for people who cannot go to the hospital regularly because of time constraints due to company work and child-rearing. For such people, Nicorette gum, which can be purchased at a pharmacy in their spare time, is a convenient option for self-treatment.

In addition, although it is true that outpatient treatment for smoking cessation is covered by insurance, the cost burden has been reduced, but the examination fee will be charged separately. Coverage is for 5 treatments in 12 weeks. In addition, patients who have visited a hospital but failed to quit smoking cannot receive the next medical treatment covered by insurance until one year has passed since the first medical examination of the previous treatment.

Nicorette gum requires only the drug fee, so there are no restrictions on the number of times or period of use. In that sense, it is easy to work on quitting smoking, and it is supported by many people as an option for smoking cessation treatment.

Nicotine in gum improves irritability and weakness while quitting smoking

The nicotine contained in Nicorette gum eases the painful withdrawal symptoms during smoking cessation. You don’t have to take nicotine from cigarettes, so you won’t have the habit of lighting a cigarette. Once the tobacco is out of your hands, reduce the amount of Nicorette gum. You are now quitting smoking.

Side effects of Nicorette gum include oral and throat irritation, tongue irritation, dysgeusia, increased salivation, gingivitis, hiccups, and belching. In addition, chewing gum slowly and for a long time can also cause symptoms such as pain in the jaw and dullness.

Do not take if you do not smoke. Ingredient nicotine can have adverse effects on the body.

How to take Nicorette gum 2mg

1 dose
1 tablet or 1/2 tablet (10mg as nicotine)
Number of doses per day
up to 24 times
period of use
3 months

Reduce usage gradually! I will guide you to quit smoking

If you think you’ve smoked, chew a Nicorette gum. Continue chewing slowly over a period of 30 to 60 minutes. Move the gum between your cheeks and gums to facilitate the absorption of nicotine through the mucous membranes in your mouth.

Do not bite more than 2 at a time. Once you are able to quit smoking, reduce your daily dose by one or two each week. Discontinue use if the duration of use exceeds 3 months. This is because it is necessary to prevent nicotine addiction from chewing gum.

Side Effects of Nicorette Gum 2mg

Major side effects
  • stomatitis
  • sore throat
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • abdominal discomfort
  • Heartburn
  • Anorexia
  • Diarrhea etc.
rare side effects
  • Not specifically reported.

Nicorette Gum 2mg Precautions

careful administration
The following people should be careful when taking this medicine.

  • People with heart disease (myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, arrhythmia), cerebrovascular disorders (cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, etc.)
  • Elderly people (65 years old and over)
  • Those who are pregnant or may become pregnant
  • breastfeeding
Persons who should not take
The following people cannot use this medicine.

  • Those who have a history of hypersensitivity to ingredients in Nicorette gum
  • Those who continue to smoke, those who chew tobacco, and those who use other nicotine-containing products such as nicotine pads
  • Those who do not smoke
  • Those with severe heart disease
  • Those who have had a myocardial infarction attack within 3 months
  • Those with severe angina
  • Those with severe arrhythmia
  • Those with acute cerebrovascular disease (cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, etc.)
  • minors
  • Those who have problems with the jawbone

How to store Nicorette gum 2mg

  • Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature.
    It does not need to be refrigerated, but should not be stored in a hot or humid place.
  • Keep out of reach of small children.
    Please store it carefully so that children do not take it by mistake.


Country of origin

Estimated time of arrival
7-14 days

  • Delivery may be delayed due to weather in the country of origin or holidays of vendors in the country of origin.
  • Delivery may be delayed in some areas such as remote islands and remote islands.

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