Nicotex Gums 2mg


Nicotex Gums 2mg is a smoking cessation drug developed by Cipla and is a generic of Nicorette.

It is a gum used for nicotine replacement therapy, which replaces cigarettes that make you want to smoke, so it is not something you take.

Since it is chewed instead of cigarettes, you can gradually replenish nicotine and relieve irritation on the spot without restrictions.

Relief of withdrawal symptoms when quitting smoking
Active ingredient nicotine
Estimated delivery days 7~14 days
Target gender unisex
Pharmaceutical company Cipla

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About Nicotex Gums 2mg

Even if you have failed to quit smoking many times, it’s okay! Gum-type smoking cessation aids lead to successful smoking cessation
  • Smoking cessation gum that improves nicotine dependence!
  • Reasonably priced generic drugs.
  • If you want to smoke, you can easily chew gum and quit smoking!

In recent years, various reports have been made about the health damage caused by tobacco. It is said that 120,000 to 130,000 people die annually in USA from smoking, and more than 6,000 die from passive smoking. Cancer is the leading cause of death, accounting for more than half of all deaths.

Cancer treatment requires a large amount of medical expenses, and social security expenses are used. It can be said that the impact of smoking on society goes beyond mere personal health damage.

Features of Nicotex Gums 2mg

Nicotex Gums is a drug for smoking cessation treatment. It is a gum-shaped medicine containing nicotine, and it is characterized by the effect of reducing the amount of tobacco intake while chewing gum. The inability to quit smoking is not due to a person’s weak willpower, but because of a disease called addiction, which cannot be controlled by oneself. Therefore, even if you strongly decide to quit smoking, most people will give up on the way if they just have willpower.

Use this anti-smoking medicine to gradually improve your smoking habits and stop smoking altogether. After the smoking habit is eliminated, the use of Nicotex Gums is gradually reduced and the smoking cessation is completed. It is a drug that helps you quit smoking successfully through a different approach than patience or guts.

Nicotex Gums is a generic drug of the brand name Nicorette. Because it is a generic drug, the selling price is cheap and it is very easy to obtain and can be used continuously. It is a medicine that can be used easily and safely in the same way as chewing gum.

It is a strong ally for quitting smoking that overcomes nicotine dependence with the power of medicine.

While the wind against smokers around the world is getting stronger, the area where you can smoke is getting narrower year by year. This is because the harmful effects of smoking have been scientifically clarified, and health damage has become a major social problem.

Of the 4,000 or more chemical substances contained in tobacco smoke, 250 are said to be harmful and 70 are said to be carcinogenic. These harmful substances cause a wide variety of diseases in the human body. Various types of cancer, including lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, respiratory diseases such as bronchial asthma, reproductive failure such as decreased fertility, and dental and oral surgery diseases such as tooth loss. reported.

Why can’t people quit smoking even though they know it’s harmful? Many of you have probably made the declaration, “OK, I’m going to quit smoking tomorrow.” However, most people give up on the way without sticking to the goal. This is because smoking itself is a state of physical or psychological dependence called nicotine dependence, and is a kind of drug dependence.

First of all, please understand that since it is a disease, it cannot be improved by willpower or guts. Therefore, this drug, Nicotex Gums, will be a powerful ally for those who are trying to quit smoking. Nicotex Gums replaces cigarettes and replenishes the body with nicotine. You can then gradually reduce your cigarette use and eventually stop smoking altogether.

Generic smoking gum! Quit smoking without spending money

Nicotex Gums is a smoking cessation drug manufactured and marketed by Cipla in India. It is a generic drug of Nicorette, which is famous for commercials.

You don’t have to go through the trouble of making an appointment at the hospital, taking time off from work to see a doctor, getting a prescription, waiting at the dispensing pharmacy again, and picking up your medicine. Just buy Nicotex Gums and put it in your mouth. You don’t have to pay for the medical examination, so you can proceed with the treatment at a low cost.

Smoking cessation outpatients are covered by social insurance, but to be precise, it is only for 5 treatments in 12 weeks. If you fail to quit smoking afterwards, you will not be able to receive insurance-covered smoking cessation treatment until one year has passed since the last insurance-covered treatment. There are no such restrictions when purchasing and using Nicotex Gums.

Because the incidence of smoking-related diseases is very high and the types of diseases that occur are diverse, the number of patients requiring treatment due to tobacco harm is increasing.

Before you become a serious disease caused by smoking, why don’t you get back to a healthy life using cheap and easily available smoking cessation aids? In addition, the dosage form of Nicotex Gums is in the form of gum, so rather than “taking medicine”, you can easily and enjoyably quit smoking by drinking gum as a change of mood.

It is a very low hurdle psychologically because it is put in the mouth and treated.

Effect of Nicotex Gums 2mg


Smoking cessation aid for nicotine dependent smokers.

If you suffer from withdrawal symptoms when quitting smoking, please try it once.

There are common symptoms for those who have started smoking cessation. Feeling irritable and restless, unable to concentrate, thinking about cigarettes all the time, headache, fatigue, drowsiness. These are recognized withdrawal symptoms of nicotine dependence. These symptoms are caused by not getting enough nicotine from cigarettes, so replenishing nicotine will alleviate these withdrawal symptoms.

However, if the nicotine is replenished by smoking, it will be useless, so Nicotex Gums will replenish the nicotine. When I want to smoke, I chew Nicotex Gums like gum instead of smoking. By making this a habit, even if you don’t smoke, your frustration will gradually subside and you won’t want cigarettes anymore.

After you are free from the habit of smoking, you can gradually reduce the amount of Nicotex Gums you use, and you will succeed in quitting smoking.

How to take Nicotex Gums 2mg

1 dose
1 tablet or 1/2 tablet (2mg as “nicotine”)
Number of doses per day
24 times (up to 48 mg as “nicotine”)
period of use
up to 6 months

Chew slowly to improve nicotine absorption

When you feel like smoking, chew 1 Nicotex Gums 2mg slowly. Chew once for 30 to 60 minutes. Do not use more than one tablet at a time to avoid side effects from overdosing on nicotine. Nicotine is ingested through the oral mucosa, but if you chew quickly, a large amount of saliva will be secreted, and the nicotine component of Nicotex Gums will be swallowed together with the saliva and will not be absorbed through the mucosa. Reduce the amount used by 1-2 capsules per week, and stop using when the daily usage drops to 1-2 capsules. The probationary period should be 3 months and should not exceed 6 months.

About Nicotex Gums 2mg Active Ingredients

Medication to control nicotine yourself

The active ingredient in Nicotex Gums is nicotine, which is the same ingredient found in tobacco. Nicotine absorbed from the lungs by smoking rapidly reaches the brain and stimulates the brain reward circuit instead of the original brain neurotransmitter. This makes the human body feel pleasure and reward, and if you take nicotine, you can easily enjoy such pleasures, and you will create a dependence state.

In order to control this dependence state by human power, it will be possible to improve nicotine dependence by using gum and control the frequency and amount of nicotine ingestion.

Side effects of Nicotex Gums 2mg include oral and throat irritation, taste disturbance, increased salivation, and gingivitis. Jaw fatigue due to continuous chewing of gum can also be seen. Non-smokers should not use.


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7-14 days

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  • Delivery may be delayed in some areas such as remote islands and remote islands.

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