Adaferin Gel 0.01% (Adapalene)


Adaferin Gel is an acne treatment manufactured by Galderma.

It is a generic drug of Adaferin Gel, which is prescribed as an acne treatment by USA dermatologists.

The main ingredient is adapalene, which has the effect of eliminating clogged pores that cause acne and suppressing acne inflammation.

Effect Improvement of acne
Active ingredient Azelaic acid
Estimated delivery days 7~14 days
Target gender Unisex
Pharmaceutical company Galderma


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About Adaferin Gel

Adaferin Gel is an external medicine for improving acne that removes sebum clogged in pores with the action of the main ingredient, .

In USA, in 2008, Diffirin gel, a global standard for acne treatment, was approved. In Europe and the United States, it has already been approved and used for more than 10 years, and is still considered the first choice for acne treatment.

One of the causes of acne is excessive secretion of sebum. When the skin becomes keratinized and clogs the pores, acne bacteria grow inside and form comedones. These are called whiteheads or blackheads. Adaferin Gel  is said to selectively act on the retinoic acid receptors on the skin surface.

This will reduce keratinization and keep acne from forming. Therefore, it is effective for white and black acne before red acne that becomes severe. In addition, since it is an external medicine (ointment), it is thought that there are few symptoms of side effects, and it is possible to treat acne safely.

The definitive acne treatment! Prevents clogged pores and improves the growth of acne bacteria
  • Effective in improving acne! 80% experience improvement in symptoms.
  • It is a medicine that slowly treats acne from the root.
  • Exfoliating effect prevents your skin from becoming keratinized.

Adaferin Gel is an acne treatment developed by the dermatological pharmaceutical company Galderma (India). It is a generic of Differin, which has adapalene as its main ingredient.

Acne (comedones, menpo) includes white acne and black acne that are not inflamed, and red acne that is inflamed and feels painful when touched. It is a basic drug for acne that is also prescribed by departments.

Features of Adaferin Gel

Adaferin Gel prevents the growth of acne-causing bacteria by preventing and improving the clogging of skin pores.

Adaferin Gel is characterized by being able to approach the root cause of acne, which is why it can deal with acne in any condition.

80% of people who use this medicine feel that their symptoms are visibly improving, and it is a strong ally for those who suffer from acne.

Works great for any acne! Your Acne Panacea

Adaferin Gel is an acne treatment prescribed by dermatologists. There are various types of acne, and their conditions are various, but it is a specific medicine for acne that is effective for almost all acne.

Acne occurs when the sebaceous glands develop and produce more sebum, as is common during puberty. If the pores are clogged where sebum is secreted and the sebum cannot go out of the skin for a long time, it becomes a breeding ground for acne bacteria.

This acne bacteria causes inflammation near the exit of the pores and causes acne. Since P. acnes is a resident bacterium that everyone has on the skin, it is impossible to completely eliminate P. acnes, but it is important to prevent excessive growth.

Adaferin Gel is a preparation that improves this clogged pores. By widening the pores, it eliminates clogging in the first place and releases sebum to prevent the growth of acne bacteria.

There are acnes that occur in the early stages such as blackheads and whiteheads (a state in which the pores are clogged even if acne bacteria do not proliferate), and redheads that are red and swollen due to inflammation (acne bacteria proliferate). and inflammation) are all “pimples”. Adaferin Gel is said to be a panacea for acne because it is suitable for any stage of acne by widening the pores.

We will gradually cure acne from the root

There is also a clinical result that more than 80% of users have halved acne, and it is a medicine with a certain effect. After about a month of use, the symptoms began to improve little by little, and after about two to three months, you will be able to experience a clear effect.

Instead of removing acne bacteria and suppressing inflammation, it removes excess sebum by eliminating clogged pores that cause acne, and if acne bacteria decrease, symptoms will subside. It is intended to treat the root of the problem, not the immediate effect of sterilization, so it is desirable to use it continuously for a certain period of time.

Use continuously for up to 12 months until acne is improved. There are side effects due to opening the pores, but if you take proper measures, you will not be bothered by side effects so much, and the side effects will usually subside in about a month. It is a medicine that can be treated slowly while watching the situation.

Adaferin Gel has the following side effects: Dry skin, tingling, itching, skin discomfort, erythema, desquamation (peeling of the skin). Although there are individual differences, these symptoms are seen in many people who have applied the drug. The symptoms of side effects will subside in about a month, but if there is no change, please consult a doctor.

Effects of Adaferin Gel


  • Improvement of clogged pores (microcomedones)
  • Suppresses the progression of white acne, black acne, and red acne (comedones)
  • Suppression of skin keratinization (peeling effect)

Adaferin Gel has the effect of improving the clogging of pores by opening the pores, but this effect will improve acne. It is necessary to sterilize the acne bacteria to improve the symptoms of executives who are red and inflamed due to acne, but if the original clogged pores are not resolved, the acne will remain even if the inflammation subsides. are more likely to recur.

In addition, Adaferin Gel has a strong peeling (exfoliation) effect, working on thickened and hardened keratinocytes, thinning the layer and preventing sebum from clogging pores. You can remove keratin plugs, improve acne from the root and prevent recurrence. This peeling effect has the side effect of drying the skin, but it is important to deal with these symptoms by using a moisturizer together.

How to use Adaferin Gel

1 Dose
Apply a thin and appropriate amount
Number of doses per day
up to 1 time
When to use
Apply at night, after bathing and before going to bed

Apply to the affected area once a day before bed. It is important to continue.

Be careful not to apply too much Adaferin Gel, as it does not increase the therapeutic effect even if you use a lot. Once a day, apply a thin layer to the affected area when the skin is damp after bathing. Do not use on anything other than your face. When applying to the entire face, the amount to be used is the length of the first joint of the index finger. Wash your hands after applying.

Rather than expecting an immediate effect, it is a medicine that makes the skin less likely to develop acne over the long term, so please continue to use it for 3 to 12 months.

Active Ingredients of Adaferin Gel

The active ingredient adapalene prevents keratinization of the skin and improves clogged pores!

Adapalene, the active ingredient of adaferrin, prevents pores from narrowing by inhibiting keratinization of the epidermis, preventing sebum from accumulating and becoming a hotbed for acne bacteria. This can help improve acne.

Not only does it reduce inflammatory acne that is currently inflamed, but it also improves non-inflammatory acne and clogged pores in the state of microcomedones that have not yet reached acne, so it is also effective in preventing acne. I have.

It is highly effective for acne on the face, but the following people should refrain from using it. Those with hypersensitivity to this ingredient. Those who are pregnant or may be pregnant. those who are breast-feeding. Also, if your skin becomes very dry due to use, try using a moisturizing agent such as Hirudoid or Vaseline. If symptoms do not improve, consult a doctor.

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  • Delivery may be delayed in some areas such as remote islands and remote islands.

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