Eukroma Plus Cream


Eukroma Plus Cream is a whitening cream developed by Yash Pharma, which is expected to have the effect of bleaching skin pigmentation such as spots and wrinkles and leading to whitening.

It is also called “facial bleach” and is a very popular and famous product overseas.

Improvement of wrinkles and spots
Active ingredient Hydroquinone, tretinoin, etc.
Estimated delivery days 7~14 days
Target gender Unisex
Pharmaceutical company Yash Pharma


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About Eukroma Plus Cream

Eukroma Plus Cream is a whitening peeling medicine that can improve blemishes, wrinkles and acne scars. Due to its bleaching action, it has the effect of eliminating skin pigmentation. It is called a skin bleaching agent and is a popular product for whitening skin care.

You can feel the beautiful skin effect in a short period of time, giving the skin a sense of transparency.
  • Improves skin conditions such as spots, pores, and acne.
  • You can have the best skin care for cost performance with this one.
  • You can use it with confidence because of the exquisite distribution of active ingredients.

Eukroma Plus Cream is a beautiful skin cream manufactured and sold by Yashfar Laboratories, an Indian pharmaceutical company. Beauty-related worries are endless for women, and the content of those worries varies depending on the age and individual, but one of the most common worries is blemishes. Even a single wrinkle on your face can give you the impression of aging. In order to improve the symptoms of the skin, it is common to use skin care products such as whitening creams.

This Eukroma Plus Cream is a skin care cream that works on a wide range of spots, freckles, pimples, dullness, etc. due to the synergistic effect of two active ingredients, and you can effectively feel the whitening effect. It is very popular all over the world because of its effectiveness. Of course, it is used by many people in USA, and it is a skin care cream that has more than 400 reviews at Osakado, a personal import agency.

Features of Eukroma Plus Cream

Eukroma Plus Cream is a 3-in-1 skin care cream containing three active ingredients – hydroquinone, tretinoin, and mometasone furoate. Hydroquinone has such a strong whitening effect that it is called a “skin bleaching agent,” tretinoin accelerates skin turnover and is effective in a wide range of skin problems. suppress the reaction.

“Eukroma Cream” contains only hydroquinone as an active ingredient, but “Eukroma Plus Cream” contains the above three active ingredients.

Excellent skin effect! Improves skin conditions such as spots, pores, and acne!

Women have many skin concerns. In particular, I want to improve the stains and dullness that have appeared on my face as soon as possible! Many women think that. This Eukroma Plus Cream solves such problems. It contains three active ingredients, two of which are hydroquinone and tretinoin, which are effective for beautiful skin. Moreover, the effect is fast, and I think that people who are early can feel the beautiful skin effect in about 1 to 2 weeks.

There are many usage examples on SNS such as Instagram, so it may be a good idea to refer to them. As a reference example, it seems that there are many people who use 1 face wash→ 2 lotion→ 3 beauty essence→ 4 Eukroma Plus Cream→ 5 beauty cream in this order. When using it for the first time, it is a serious problem if it does not suit your body and causes inflammation, so it is recommended that you do a patch test first. If there is no problem in the patch test, next time, instead of using it in a wide range, try using it only on the areas of concern. It will be effective not only for stains and dullness, but also for tightening pores and acne.

3in1! You can get the best skin care at cost performance with this one!

The great thing about Eukroma Plus Cream is that you can take care of your skin with just this one. General skin care is to use a cream containing hydroquinone, which has a whitening effect, and a cream containing tretinoin, which promotes skin turnover, and finally moisturizing to improve the skin condition. Moreover, it costs money for each type of cream and moisturizer, and it takes time. There must have been many people who tended to neglect skin care due to the hassle of using them.

This Eukroma Plus Cream solves such problems. It contains all three active ingredients: whitening effect, skin turnover, and anti-inflammatory. The price is very reasonable, so it’s economical and easy to try. It is worth a try for those who want to improve their skin condition quickly.

Effects of Eukroma Plus Cream


Acne, thinning spots caused by aging, UV rays, acne, pore tightening effect by removing keratin plugs, Improves various skin problems such as pigmentation, dullness, acne, etc. such as spots and freckles, and exhibits whitening and beautiful skin effects.

Eukroma Plus Cream is an early person, and you will be able to feel the improvement of your skin condition in about 1 to 2 weeks after application. Compared to other whitening and skin-beautifying creams, Eukroma Plus Cream contains three active ingredients, which suppress the production of melanin that causes dark spots and turn the skin. This is because it has the effect of promoting overweight.

In particular, the active ingredient hydroquinone, which enhances the whitening effect, is said to be 100 times more effective than other general whitening ingredients.

How to use Eukroma Plus Cream

1 Dose
Appropriate amount for affected area
Number of doses per day
up to 1 time
When to use
After washing face before bedtime

Exquisite active ingredient distribution amount! Safe to use!

Each 15 mg of Eukroma Plus Cream contains 2% hydroquinone, 0.025% tretinoin, and 0.001% mometasone furoate. Compared to general hydroquinone-containing creams, it contains only about half of hydroquinone, which has a whitening effect. Although the effect of hydroquinone itself is gradual, it contains tretinoin, which promotes skin turnover, and mometasone furoate, which suppresses skin inflammation, to compensate. The amount of active ingredients is properly adjusted, so you can use it with confidence.

Active Ingredients of Eukroma Plus Cream

Hydroquinone/tretinoin/mometasone furoate

Hydroquinone is a whitening ingredient that suppresses the production of melanin, which causes dark spots. In addition to promoting skin turnover and promoting melanin discharge from the affected area, tretinoin improves pore tightening effects and acne symptoms by removing keratotic plugs. Mometasone furoate is an adrenocortical hormone (steroid) that suppresses skin inflammation caused by hydroquinone and tretinoin.

When using Eukroma Plus Cream, the skin may temporarily become ragged due to skin turnover where the cream is applied. This is due to skin replacement rather than side effects. Even so, Eukroma Plus Cream is worth trying once if you have skin troubles because you can feel the whitening and skin beautifying effects at an early stage.

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7-14 days

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  • Delivery may be delayed in some areas such as remote islands and remote islands.

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