Eflora Cream 15g


Eflora Cream 15g is manufactured and sold by Ranbaxy, which has its headquarters in India.

The active ingredient in this cream is called eflornithine, which slows down the growth of facial hair in women.

Simply applying the cream after washing your face daily will slow down the hair growth cycle and make it easier to remove.

Suppression of facial hair growth
Active ingredient Eflornithine
Estimated delivery days 7~14 days
Target gender Unisex
Pharmaceutical company Sun Pharma


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About Eflora Cream 15g

Eflora cream 15g is a cream that suppresses facial hair growth for women. Just apply it to your face twice a day after washing your face like a milky lotion, and you can expect it to slow down the growth of beards and downy hair, which are worrisome for women. By delaying the growth of unwanted facial hair such as beards and downy hair, the expression of the face becomes brighter. It also helps your makeup stick better. It has become a popular product in the United States. It is said that you can feel the effect in as little as 4 weeks after using it. The next morning, you don’t have to worry about grooming the mustache and downy hair around your mouth. If you don’t like makeup glue, please try it.

A facial cream that thins hair and brightens the complexion just by applying it to clean skin twice a day.
  • Recommended for those who are concerned about downy hair on the face and beard around the mouth.
  • Contains eflornithine as an active ingredient.
  • Another reason for its popularity is the ease of applying it to your face twice a day.

Eflora Cream is a facial hair control cream that is effective in controlling hair growth and hair growth. Women’s skin, especially the face, is delicate, so it is necessary to carefully remove and care for it. Repeated use of the shaver can irritate the skin and cause skin problems.

Applying Eflora Cream twice a day, morning and evening, after washing your face will prevent hair growth. The active ingredient is eflornithine, which is an ingredient that has the effect of suppressing hair growth and hair growth. Just by applying it, the hair becomes thinner safely, so it is popular because it is easy and easy to continue. Some people say that they are very happy to be freed from the hassle of processing for those who frequently process their facial hair. It is also suitable for those who have a dark complexion due to facial hair and those who have difficulty applying makeup.

Features of Eflora Cream 15g

Eflora Cream has two characteristics. One is that the active ingredient eflornithine effectively stops hair growth and hair growth, making it difficult for hair to grow and thinning. Ease. Facial hair and beards are the enemy of women. Frequent processing is annoying and if you do it too much, it will hurt your skin. Get a clean face the smart and effective way.

Contains the active ingredient eflornithine, which inhibits hair growth

Eflornithine was originally developed as a treatment for malignant tumors, but was not very effective and was used as a drug for African sleeping sickness. In the process, its ability to suppress hair growth was confirmed, and it is now used as a hair control cream. The hair growth cycle is called the hair cycle, and applying Eflornithine can delay the hair cycle. After starting to apply, the effect will start to appear in about 4 weeks at the earliest. It is not a hair removal cream, so it does not have the effect of instantly removing hair. Please note. Also, when you stop using it, it will return to its original state.

Less downy hair will reduce the number of times you shave your skin, which will help prevent skin problems. Get a brighter complexion without harming your skin.

Just one month of using twice a day will make it difficult for hair to grow.

Eflora Cream 15g is a hair control cream that suppresses the growth of downy hair just by applying it to the face. It takes a lot of time and money to shave your face or go to a beauty salon for hair removal. On the other hand, you need to do self-treatment frequently, and if you do it wrong, you may damage your skin.

A topical cream like Eflora Cream that makes it difficult for the hair itself to grow back and make it thin will reduce skin damage and make you beautiful easily. It is effective to use Eflora Cream 5 minutes after cleaning the hair with depilatory cream. There are individual differences in the effect, but the effect starts to appear after about 1 month of use. Please refrain from using if you have any skin abnormalities such as acne, tingling, or redness.

Effects of eflora Cream 15g


  • Suppression of hair growth/suppression of hair growth.
  • Effect to make it difficult for female facial hair and thin beard to grow.

Eflora Cream 15g is effective in suppressing hair growth and hair growth. It is suitable for those who are not good at dark areas such as armpits and genitals, and are concerned about downy hair and thin beards on women’s faces. By delaying the hair growth cycle until the hair falls out, it makes it difficult for hair to grow, and frees you from the hassle of self-treatment.

If you have downy hair on your face, your foundation won’t stick well and your complexion will look darker. It is a perfect product for those who aim for smooth and smooth skin.

How to use Eflora Cream 15g

1 Dose
Appropriate amount
Number of uses per day
up to 2 times
When to use
Use after washing your face in the morning and evening (at least 8 hours apart).

Apply an appropriate amount twice a day after washing your face.

It can be used after hair removal, but please wait at least 5 minutes before using. Please leave an interval of 8 hours or more when using in the morning and evening. Do not wash off for 4 hours after applying the cream. Let the cream dry before applying makeup. If you have sensitive skin or have been to a dermatologist for other diseases such as atopy, we recommend that you consult a doctor before use. If you notice any abnormalities such as redness or itchiness after use, discontinue use and wash off.

About Eflora Cream 15g Active Ingredients

Eflora Cream 15g contains an active ingredient called eflornithine.

The active ingredient in Eflora Cream, eflornithine, was originally used to treat sleeping sickness, a disease endemic in sub-Saharan Africa. Its ability to suppress hair growth has been clarified, and it has come to be used for hair suppression. It inhibits the enzyme that works to grow hair, making it difficult for hair to grow. The black spots in the pores that have started to grow will not be noticeable, and the whole skin will be brighter. From those who continue to use it, it is well received that the number of cleaning times has gradually decreased.

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7-14 days

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  • Delivery may be delayed in some areas such as remote islands and remote islands.

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